MatrixProLeads and...

Success Guarantee - If you do as instructed, and mail the 1000 postcards a month for 3 months and you do not get 3 sales, then we will mail 1000 postcards a month for you at no cost to you until you get your 3 sales. 

Note: Limited time only - This guarantee will be re-evaluated when the countdown timer expires. It may be discontinued at that time or anytime. Bottom line... if you join today, you will get the guarantee:

You’re skeptical - I’m pissed off that you are skeptical.

Listen... this way to make money actually works “IF” you follow the simple directions to a T. Any deviation and more than likely, you will be met with failure. Remember, more than likely, you have no clue as to what you are doing and I have 30+ years experience.

So, you’re skeptical, I understand that.

But you’re skeptical because you failed at yet another money making scheme.

I look at these types of programs almost every day. Very few of them are outright scams out to steal your money. Sure, there are plenty of illegal pyramid schemes out there, but you can even make money with those if you knew how to market them correctly. For instance, cash gifting programs with no real product are illegal. Again, not scams, but illegal.

Most people lose money because they don’t know how to market correctly. Usually they send out 100 postcards or flyers and they actually expect results from that measly effort.

They don’t know their “mail order math”. So, pay close attention my friend, you are about to learn some 2nd grade mathematics...

Like I said, most people send out 100 postcards or flyers, get no results, and then they quit. They blame it on the program and call it a scam.

Guess what? You're not supposed to get any results from 100 postcards! Why? Because the responsescam cycle rate is 0.1% or 1/10th of 1%. To figure the amount of sales you will make, multiply the # of postcards by .001 (i.e. 100 x .001 = 0.1 sales or 1/10th of a sale). This ain't rocket surgery here!

Nobody else will tell you the truth like that. The gurus and scammers all tell you you’ll get 1% or even 2% (pie in the sky figures). Think about it! If everybody got 2% response, everybody would be millionaires! I have even seen scam flyers claiming 90% response.

But let me explain how 0.1% will make you filthy rich if you just follow my simple directions.

It’s all about knowing your “mail order math”...

So, let’s say you mail out 1000 postcards for 3 months at a cost of about $1500. You’ll make about 3 sales and about $150 (both programs) - I ain’t gonna lie to you.

Most people would quit right then and there and call it a scam. Heck, most people would quit after the first 1000 were sent out. But that's where almost everybody makes their biggest mistake. That’s why most people fail at these things.

But not you! Because now you know your mail order math...

You failed to figure in your back end sales. So far, you’ve spent $1500 to make $150 and 3 sales. But those 3 people will be doing the same and bringing in 3 more people each for a total of 9 people in your downline (no extra cost to you). You’ve just added $488.91 to your monthly income. Wooooo Hooooo!

It gets better - those 9 do the same and now you’re making $515.64 a month. On level 5, you’ll be making $720.57+ a month - forever! (in 2 programs) Monthly residual & passive income.

Note... in TPS100, with 3 people on your first tier and 9 people on your second tier, you'll be making $480 a month commissions which are included in the figures above. Also note that extra sales in TPS100 beyond 3 will just expand your first tier sideways. With MatrixProLeads, extra sales will go into your forced matrix downline.

Now we’re getting into some serious profitability...

You’ll be promoting two programs - MatrixProLeads and TPS100. When you add in the TPS100 monthly profits of $480, you’re really rollin’ in the dough!

Works just like Bill says... I was skeptical too but I joined anyway. Figured I would take the advice of an expert. Long story short - after sending just 300 postcards I already got 1 new member.    Sam K. Hendersonville, NV

People are Idiots. I have been very content with the program. Actually, it is the first one that I have made a profit with. I have been in many thru the years and none except Simple cash daily has even given me a dollar back on my initial investment. Keep the faith and good work up. Thank you, Steve 

(I disagree with Steve a little... people are not idiots. They are just making huge mistakes. If your transmission fell out of your car, would you try and replace it on your own? Would you attempt brain surgery on your friend? No? So, why would you attempt to market a biz opp without 30+ years of experience like I have? The answer is... nobody in their right mind would do that. So just plug yourself into the marketing system that I have already set up and tested for you!)

Bill, I definitely appreciate all your hard work. This is the only online business that has worked for me.   Van

Here's your 10 Simple Steps to Freedom...

 Join MatrixProLeads as a “Business Builder” - use the link on the back of your postcard to join. You'll need 1000 leads a month for the first 3 months, so choose the option "1000 Biz Opp Buyer Leads with Address Labels - BUSINESS BUILDER Upgrade". Cost is about $248/month.

ONLY if you came here without a postcard or from an older postcard without two links on the back/address side, then use this link to join MatrixProLeads... Click Here.

 Join TPS100 using the 2nd link on the back of your postcard. Cost is $100/month. TPS100 is a simple monthly membership site that pays an affiliate commission of $40 on two tiers. i.e. if everybody makes 3 sales, you'll make $480 a month. But there's no need to stop at just 3 sales! Note... Joining these two programs is not optional because the postcard you will use promotes both of them. Remember, follow these directions to a T and it will work. Don't follow the directions and you will fail. 

ONLY if you came here without a postcard or from an older postcard without two links on the back/address side, then use this link to join TPS100... Click Here.

After you join MatrixProLeads & TPS100, you'll have to set up your commission payout methods. With MatrixProLeads, you'll get a link via email to join PayQuicker which is a Visa debit card system. With TPS100, we pay only via Paypal or Venmo.

Buy postcards in your TPS100 back office. It's almost as cheap to print 3000 than it is to print 1000, so the minimum is 3000. Plus, nobody would even think about sending out just 1000, right!? Buy postcard stamps from the Post Office or online at (don't use forever stamps). Note: This is the most "actual work" you will do. If you can't handle the enormous job, just break it down into a daily chore like 100 for 10 days or 33 for 30 days. You can even do this while watching TV. Your task for Step 4 is to send out 1000 postcards each month for 3 months.

Remember your Mail Order Math and also remember that when mailing at relatively low quantities like this, the statistical averages come into play. You're looking to make 1 sale per 1000. But your first 1000 may get 0 sales and your second 1000 may get 2 sales. That averages out to be 1 sale in 1000. Make sure you understand that and just keep mailing. Heck, it's highly likely that you will get 2+ sales per 1000, but I don't want to get your hopes up too much! Tip... avoid mailing around major holidays. There's a "best times to mail" chart in your TPS100 back office under biz opp plans / biz tips tab.

Speed - One other problem most people have with making money is this... the money doesn't come in fast enough, they get discouraged, and quit. So, time is of the essence. If you want to make money FAST, then everybody has to stick to the timeline. 1000 postcards a month starting the first month that you joined. Don't delay in ordering your postcards and getting your stamps. Get your 3 quickly! And be patient - get rich quick schemes do not exist!

Duplicatable - In order to succeed at these things, you must have a duplicatable system and everyone must participate in that system. That's what you have here. Other than sending out the postcards, everything else is done for you... the complete sales funnel, the back offices, the postcard design, the good list, the autoresponder for follow up, the payment systems, commission payouts, and much more!

Make your monthly payments - The monthly payments for your memberships in these programs are automatic. Please make sure your Paypal or credit card has enough room for the payment to go through each month. Things just run a lot smoother if the payments go through without any trouble. There are renewal options if a membership lapses though.

Why two programs?... Because MatrixProLeads is designed to be a lead generator for your "primary" program. TPS100 is that primary program and we can send out one postcard that does the selling work for two programs. It's like a "two fer one" special. Note that the leads you get from MatrixProLeads are yours to own and you can mail to them as often as you like if you have a 3rd program you'd like to promote.

Repeat steps 1 through 9 next month. You're only looking to get 3 sales into each program and you are well on your way to some really good residial & passive income. As you may already know, you don't have to stop at 3 sales... the more sales you personally make, the more money you will make (and you'll make it faster).


Bill Anderson

The Skeptic Slayer