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Let me get right to the point - I’ve taken the 5 biggest “sore spots” in money making from home programs and fixed them.

Now... anybody can make money from home because we have eliminated all the brick walls that previously stood in your way. 

TPS100 is not just for some special breed of opportunity seeker or entrepreneur... this is for everybody - from those who want to have a small "side hustle" to people who want to quit their job and make a full time income while traveling the world. Since we do the marketing for you, you'll have the freedom and free time to do whatever you want. This is REAL my friend. Because we have eliminated all the obstacles that stood in your way before...

I would like to start by saying thank you for what you have done for me on the old system. I have double my amount that I have put into your program and thank you for that. I have been reviewing the information on the new TPS100 program and just want to make sure that I am understanding it correctly.....    Frankie P.

Imagine several months from now, never having to worry about paying your bills again. And never having to worry about all the headaches associated with a job. If you want to buy something special, just whip out your debit card and pay for it with no worries about whether or not you can afford it. Go ahead and buy that new car or boat or extravagant vacation that you have always wanted. You'll have tons of free time to spend with your family and freinds. Here’s how easy it is...

 In most "make money at home" programs you don’t make enough money fast enough. TPS100 is designed to make sales for you quickly so you are “in profit” much faster. How does $450 a month sound (with just 5 easy sales)? 30 sales and you’re lookin’ at $2700 a month! Hell... that’s enough to buy a new car and a new house!

 Cost too much. Most people don't have a $1000 marketing budget, right? We have eliminated all your marketing costs, so all you have to pay is the $100 a month membership fee. You keep $90 from each monthly membership you sell. Or, should I say... we sell for you?

No need to have technical skills. You don’t have to set up webpages, squeeze pages, autoresponders, rotators, membership payment systems, weekly commission payment systems, 100's of products, back offices, support ticket system, advertising, web hosting, sales copywriting, and much more.

Marketing problems. This is where most people fail in trying to make money from home. They simply do not have 35+ years of marketing experience like I do. Sometimes they think it’s as easy as sending out cheap photocopied flyers to the cheapest list they can buy, but after failing at that over and over, they realize it’s not as easy as it seems.

Payment systems. Other programs require you to mail in money orders or setup elaborate payment and receiving your weekly commission systems. Most people don’t qualify for these merchant systems or just don’t know how to do it. We take care of all that for you.

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your efforts. This is the only program I've ever made a dime on, even with the slowdown. You definitely are not a scammer. There are a lot of people who say they "will do it all for you" but you actually do!   Jeff L.

Lets go over the cool stuff that makes TPS100 “The Perfect System”...

First, you can forget about marketing - forever.TPS100 Risk Free

That’s the hard part and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. I’ll do all your marketing for you. But there’s a price to pay because, after all, good marketing costs money. Last time I checked, the Post Office does not send out postcards for free. But don’t worry... I’ll take the price out of your future commissions so there is no out of pocket advertising expense for you. That means ZERO RISK for you! It's like a $997 loan that you never have to pay back.

I'll get you 5 sales this way. For example, let’s say I make 5 sales for you. I will dock your future commissions for $997. We pay 90% commissions which is $90 a month for every sale we make for you. So, somewhere in the 3rd month, you’ll almost be in profit from there on out - $450 incoming the first and second month and $997 docked. The 3rd month you’ll make $450 again and you will only owe $97 (already docked) for a $253 profit the 3rd month after you pay your $100 membership fee. For the 4th month you’ll make $350 free and clear.

Of course, the above scenario is just one example. The 5 sales may take longer to get for example in the month of December or July when sales normally slow down.

Second, speed and low cost...

The Perfect System is designed to be soooooo good that people are jumping on board quickly and sales response rates are very high. Where else can you start your own business for $100 and be in profit in three months? Nowhere is the answer.

Third, scalability and residual monthly income...

I have a couple of stupid questions for ya... why stop at just 5 sales? Want more? Just buy more memberships in your back office! And why do something stupid like make a one time sale (single payment) when you can make one monthly membership sale and get paid commissions month after month after month?

Fourth, we take care of ALL technical details...

Why don’t you go sit on the beach while I do all the hard work? Literally, there is nothing for you to do except take 5 minutes to join and then setup your commission payment system so you can get paid. We pay commissions via Paypal or Venmo. It’s as simple as entering your email address or mobile phone number.

Fifth, you got to have a great product to make it all legal...

If you don't have a good product, your program is just an illegal cash gifting program. The product you'll find in your membership back office is 100's of great side hustle ideas, marketing info that works, and some self improvement info. 

I want to make sure you understand this very clearly...

So, let me break it down for you... first, let me tell you that making money online without spending money DOES NOT EXIST! If you continue to look for that, you will only be looking at scams. So, you will definitely get scammed if you do that. Let's take a look at the worst case scenario with TPS100. Let's say you only get one sale a month...

Month Sales Membership
Fee Paid
Fee Balance
Total Spent
or Earned
start -$997
1 1 $100 -$907 $90 $0 You spend $100*
2 1 $100 -$727 $180 $0 You spend $100*
3 1 $100 -$457 $270 $0 You spend $100*
4 1 $100 -$97 $360 $0 You spend $100*
5 1 $100 $0 $450 $353 You make $253 profit
6 to forever 0 $100 $0 $450 $450 You make $350 profit every month!
Scale it up! 10 $100 $0 $900 $900 You make $800 profit
Scale it up even more! 100 $100 $0 $9000 $9000 You make $8900 profit

*Just to be clear... the most you are going to spend is $400 to make a monthly income of $350 free and clear. This can all happen faster than this 4 month scenario to profit. You can scale this up by just purchasing additional memberships. Each new membership comes with 5 new sales. Get rich quick schemes do NOT exist. They are all scams.

As an example... Howard joined on November 22, got his first sale on December 14th, then that same member came back and bought 4 more memberships on January 6th. So he got his 5 sales in less than two months. If that same member buys more, Howard will get the credit.

Do Not Cancel... Don't join TPS100 thinking you can just cancel after you got your 5 sales. You will not get paid unless you have an active membership(s). So, if you can't make your $100 a month payments every month, then it's best to wait until you can. If you think you will quit if you don't get all 5 sales in 2 weeks, then this is not for you. There are plenty of scams out there for you to join. This is not one of them. Real biz opp sales do take some time.

My challenge... if you know of any home business opportunity where you can spend no money and make $350 per month in your first month, PLEASE, pretty please, pretty please with a cherry on top, email me immediately because I want in on that! Proof will be required.

So... what the hell are you waiting for? In the worst case scenario, you'll only spend a total of $400 bucks out of pocket to make a $350 profit every month. You can search high and low and you'll never find a better deal than that. This is a “no brainer”. I want you to join today so you can finally prosper financially.

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BELIEVING really is the key to success! It is taught all throughout the Bible too... "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Start believing and getting lots of sales as a result. It really is as simple as that!

He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

TPS100 TestimonialTPS100 Testimonial
TPS100 Testimonial
TPS100 Testimonial

Hi i just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I joined 2018 and you have made me money to buy my family nice Christmas gifts, groceries, gas,and extra things if not for this program. Times are getting really bad. All we can do is pray and trust God in everything. I am so appreciative for all the hard work you do for me. I am praying hard for America like I have never prayed before. God's Blessings on you and your family      Rita W.

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