You may not know it, but you are getting your ass handed to you on a silver platter!

Let me explain... most investors put up a boat load of capital in order to receive very little returns in today's markets. The truth is those "Fat Cat"make more money than investing executives at the companies you are investing in are robbing you blind. The "Fat Cat" bankers, brokers, and advisors are just as bad. Do you really think they would settle for a measly 7% annual ROI? Heck No!

The Fat Cats are making millions off your investment money.

Why do you think they get paid million dollar salaries? It's partly because they are stealing from their investors. After all, if the company is doing so well that it can afford to pay so very high salaries to their executives, then their stock should be going up too, right? It would if it were not for the fact that they are siphoning off all the profits. Most often these days, the price goes down or sideways. On average, stocks go up only 7% per year.

What is really going on is the company takes your money, develops and sells a product(s), makes a huge profit, keeps most of the profit, and most often leaves you holding the bag.

Thank you very much!investing scam

Now, you too can be a "Fat Cat" CEO.

You see, that's where all the money is. You must own your own business so you can keep all the profits like the Fat Cats do. I know this to be true... I have owned my own business for 30 years now. If I just got a 7% ROI on my advertising spends, I would go broke faster than a fart in a hurricane.

And you can't blame the Fat Cats too much because that's just the way capitalism works. The big question is - what is "fair compensation" when they are using your investment capital to make those huge profits. Shouldn't your ROI be in line with how profitable the company is? I guarantee the Fat Cat's salary is!corporate reports scam

Most often, stock prices are 100% totally manipulated. Company PE ratios are often falsified. Speculators (and often company executives) are playing the market like a fiddle. The Big Boys are the puppetmasters and you are the puppets. They can move the market any which way they desire.

And believe you me, they know exactly which way to move the prices. They can accumulate a stock in such a way as to not move the price up on themselves. They know where your stops are and they run the price into these pools of liquidity so they can accumulate more. Then they start moving the price up and the puppets do what their master tells them to do - BUY, BUY, BUY!

It should be Bye, Bye, Bye because that's where your money will be going if you fall for this scam. At the right time, the market movers are selling into your buying frenzy and before you realize what the Sam Hell is going on, the price starts dropping like a hot rock. Guess who is left holding the darn bag?... That's right, as always, you! They can do the same in the other direction too.SEC penalties scammers

Be the "Fat Cat" for a change!...

If you are sick and tired of being screwed out of your own hard earned money, then pay close attention... What I want to make perfectly clear up front is that this is not an “investment” opportunity – rather it is an opportunity to own your own mail order/affiliate marketing business that can give you an annual 744% ROI with just a measly 1% response rate on your postcard or letter mailings.

That means for every $10 you spend in your own business, you will receive $74 back instead of the typical 70 cents most people get back on standard investments. Yiiiiipppppeeeeeee!

Hold on a Second!...

I know what you are thinking... “I don’t want to get involved in no mail order scam or pyramid scheme!”

I hear you... and let me assure you that selling stuff through the mail is a very legitimate way of doing business. I am a 30 year mail order and internet marketing veteran and there are 1000's of millionaires quietly and "anonymously" making tons of money from the comfort of their own home using direct mail techniques. And as you know, there are many huge mail order companies like Publishers Clearing House, LL Bean, and Burpee. Talbots alone is a $1.5 billion empire!

And affiliate marketers have been raking in tons of cash for more than 10 years now (as vendors and affiliates). Maybe you have heard of the term "super affiliate". I know for a fact that some of these people are making 6 figures A DAY on Clickbank. That's no typo - I said A DAY! Amazon is one big giant affiliate program for God's sake! Needless to say, affiliate marketing is a very legitimate way to make money.

Sure, there are scams selling shoddy products and fly by night pyramid schemes out there, but I can assure you, this is not one of them.

What is the difference between a scam and Simple Cash Daily? Answer: Most scams offer you something for nothing or that you'll get rich quick with little or no work. Trust me, that's not possible. If it were, everybody would be doing it in no time flat and nobody would have to work for a living.

Even though I have tried like heck to make this as "simple" as possible for you, the truth is you will have to do some advertising in the form of postal mailings. Those mailings do cost money but the low capital outlay and ROI is fantastic compared to regular "every day" investments.

Truth be told... Simple Cash Daily blows everything else out of the water. And these days you don't even have to lift a finger to do the mailing - there are online services that do all that for you cheaper than you can get it done yourself!

Unless you have a pile of cash stuffed inside your mattress or buried in your back yard, you’re probably an investor of some sort. Right? If so, then you already know that... 

  • The average annual return on stock investments is a puny 7%.
  • Hedge funds (supposedly run by experts) lose an average of 3% every year and then they take 2% off the top and 20% of the profits.
  • Mutual funds, 401Ks, IRAs, and other investment schemes don’t fare much better either.
  • Gold and other metal markets are flat out manipulated to keep the price down. The Big Boys don't want you to have an investment option that is much better than theirs. If that happened, everybody would just take their money out of securities and buy gold. Then the markets would collapse so fast it would make your head spin. 
  • Forex and ALL other markets are manipulated too. Fact: 95% of all Forex traders lose their entire bankroll. I know - I traded forex for two years straight and I couldn't make a penny. I watched helplessly as my stops were run day after day after day no matter how I set my stop losses. No matter where I set them, they could always find them. Sometimes they went with the news. If the news didn't suit them, they would go against it and then make up some excuse. Hell... some of these Fat Cats even control the news! They would even use terms like "hawkish dovish" or dovish but not as dovish as they would like, so the price went up. It's all bullshit and a total smoke screen. It took me two years, but I realized I was just a puppet!
  • Binary options are a 100% scam. Period.
  • Investing requires huge capital investments tied up for many years to see any serious returns.
  • There are puppets and puppetmasters. Puppetmasters have the ability to move prices and they know where your stop orders are located. Who do you think is going to win in this situation? Ding! Ding! Ding! You get a gold star! You got it right again - you get screwed and the Fat Cats get your money! Congratulations!
  • Bubbles, bubbles, toils, and troubles! When will the next bubble burst? Nobody knows exactly but it should be soon. Will you take a hit on your investments? Maybe lose all or part of your bankroll? Of course you will - everybody will. Will the response rate at Simple Cash Daily go down or up? Probably up since there will be a lot of people looking hard for ways to make a better ROI than all the traditional methods.
  • I follow some of the smartest people in the field of investment advice. Almost all of them expect something bad to happen very soon like a market crash or a bubble bursting. If you got half a brain, you know damn well that the market could crash at any moment and you could lose all your investments in a matter of minutes.
  • I really don't want to twist your arm off and hit you over the head with it, but the answer to your money problems is clearly evident in the chart below. It's a no brainer...

Why settle for a 7% ROI when you can have 744% like the Fat Cats?

Let's say you started out with a paltry $300 and reinvested that $300 plus your profits every month (i.e. do more mailings/compounding). After 12 months and just a 1% response rate, you would end up with $98,017 like this chart shows.

Question is - How much capital would you need and how long would you have to keep it invested to make that much money the "old fashioned" way?...

That kind of money will easily allow you to waltz right into your nearest Harley dealership and plop down a sack full of cash in exchange for BOTH of these to get a harley

So, instead of swimming with the big sharks trying to survive off their scraps...

How would you like to get a very healthy return on your money for a change without having to do all the hard work of starting your own business? Like setting up web pages and payment systems, writing marketing materials, creating a product, research and development, providing content, doing all the expensive testing and tracking, and all the other headaches associated with starting and managing a big program like Simple Cash Daily.

Wouldn’t you rather let someone else do all the hard work while you play golf?

FACT: Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here's what you'll find, according to the Social Security Administration: only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure; 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to; 36 will be dead; and 54 will be dead broke-dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living. That's 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

Will you be in the 5% or the 95% ??

Yes! I Want to be in the 5%...