The Power of Four Program Scam

WARNING! I caught the admin of PO4, Dawn Landers, cheating the system and doing other highly unethical things, so I am quitting PO4 and I recommend that you do the same. See below for explanation.
Notice on Nov 24, 2020...

Take a good look at these PO4 flyers...

The top one is my flyer. The bottom one is Greg Leesley’s flyer.

Greg wanted to “stack” his flyer with some of his friends and Dawn allowed it.

As you can plainly see, I get pushed way down to the 5th position and Garry Kerr, Dawn, Dave, and Mary Lander get pushed off the flyer completely.

Not too smart on Dawn’s part!

Actually... everybody loses when this unethical “stacking” occurs. That’s because the stacked friends don’t get the benefit of duplication. Sure... they will make a few extra sales when Greg makes a sale, but they will never have 100's of people mailing out their flyers with their name in the lower positions because they skipped the initial steps that build huge downlines.

Imagine a 5 across by 5 deep matrix. If you jump straight to level 5, you have nobody mailing a flyer with your name on it except yourself.

So... in this case, you have a bunch of stupid scammers trying to cheat the system and they end up cheating themselves.

On top of that, they piss off and get rid of their best recruiter - me! 

They may not be dumb asses, but they sure will pass for dumb asses until a real dumb ass comes along.

I asked Dawn to fix it, and she refused.

Her only replies to being caught red handed trying to scam me were...

BILL! I’m not sure who you think you are or who you think you are talking to. You will treat me with respect or I will not be not be working with you or answering any questions. Not everyone is OUT TO GET YOU! If you want to talk about something regarding my Mountain Marketing business, you are free to call. Get off your high horse rudeness, you are hurting no one but yourself!    Dawn Landers


You’re an idiot! You don’t even know what is going on. Too much of a pompass ass for your own good. You are being blocked from this email. Good luck!    Dawn Landers

So, here’s how this was all supposed to work if done correctly...

When Greg joins from my flyer...

I go in position 2 on Greg’s flyer. That’s the way it works.

If Bobby joins from Greg’s flyer with my name in position 2, then it would be...

    Bobby, Greg, Bill, Gary Kerr, Dawn, Dave Lander

    Then if Gladys joins from Bobby’s flyer...

      Gladys, Bobby, Greg, Bill, Gary Kerr

      Then if Conley joins...

        Conley, Gladys, Bobby, Greg, Bill

As you can see, Gary gets royally screwed in this deal. He’s on none of the flyers.

I also get screwed and will lose a lot of money.

Dawn DEFINITELY cheated the system.

Fabulous Fifty (Fab50)...

There’s also another scam being run by Dawn Landers.

They started this Fab50 program a couple of years ago.

I didn’t like it because I saw it as a direct competitor to PO4.

Why would you start another program that is a direct competitor to your first program? 

We’re not dealing with geniuses here, now are we?

Did she tell all her PO4 people about Fab50? Hell yes!

That’s called “cross selling” and it is considered HIGHLY UNETHICAL in the MLM world.

So on her Fab50 webpages, she lists her phone number. 

So, someone gets my PO4 flyer in the mail. They naturally want to check out the company Mountain Marketing, so they look online and they find her Fab50 page with the phone number.

They call the phone number and proceed to get sold into Fab50 which I have nothing to do with. Who’s the sponsor in Fab50? You guessed it! Dawn Landers not Bill Anderson.

I paid for that advertising and Dawn steals my people.

Plain old case of unethical cross selling.

It should NEVER happen.

Warning #3...

When I joined PO4, Mountain Marketing didn’t have any webpages. When they decided to put up a webpage and start selling them to PO4 and Fab50 people, they copied my webpage almost word for word and images too.

In my book, that's called copyright infringement.

And again, highly unethical.

Bottom Line...

I can’t promote Power of Four anymore. 

I DO NOT deal with scammers. I make it my business to call out scammers.

You can deal with these unethical people if you want to, but I won’t help you in any way, shape, or form.

My advice to you is to join the new TPS100 membership and promote that instead...


Bill Anderson

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