The shocking truth! Whenever you advertise online, you are more than likely getting fake bot traffic and/or click farm traffic. You are much better off doing postcard mailings...

  • I have already posted about unscruplous "fake reviews" online like the one where a scumbag Wealthy Affiliate posted a fake review about bot trafficSimple Cash Daily just so he could steal traffic from people who are searching for real reviews on Simple Cash Daily. It's unfortunate, but most people don't know the difference between a fake review and a real review. (hint: a real review will never have a link to the program that they are really promoting). But this traffic scam is different - read on...
  • Through extensive testing with all kinds of online advertising, it has been proven that almost all online advertising is riddled with scam artists delivering fake bot traffic...
  • In online advertising, there are advertisers, publishers (website owners who run ads on their site), and ad serving platforms like Google Adwords and Adsense, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, solo ad sellers, and many other providers.
  • Anybody can buy a bot these days that can simulate any sort of traffic that is almost indistinguishable from real traffic. The bots can even interact with websites by clicking on links, clicking on random links, filling in email optin forms, and even decoding those captcha forms that are there to stop the bots.
  • For even more realistic "fake" traffic, a scammer can even hire a click farm which is just a bunch of people in India sitting around and clicking on links all day long.
  • I once ran a native ad on a very popular news feed network with a $50 test budget. My budget was eaten up in about 30 seconds and the clicks I received had absolutely no interaction with my website at all... no leads, no optins, no prospects, no sales, nada, zip, zilch, a big goose egg! It had to be a bot clicking on the ad in the publisher's network of websites.
  • If you are an advertiser and buying text ads or banner ads, then publishers can use a bot to automatically click on your ads thus making themselves more ad revenue. A competitor can run a bot that clicks on your ads and racks up your fees so you have to stop advertising and  they can get that coveted first spot at a cheaper auction price.
  • Often, ad platforms look the other way because they are benefiting from this illegal activity too. They get a portion of the advertising fees that you pay.
  • Solo ad (email blast) sellers don't even need to send out any emails if they have a good bot. And most people will never know the difference. But if you use a click tracker like Clickmagick, it will filter out the bad clicks that were generated by a bot. Then it will be plain as day that you have been ripped off. They can even automatically optin fake email addresses on your optin forms. If your optins never buy anything or never confirm their optin, then you have been scammed.
  • There are several pieces of information that comes with each visitor to your website... an ip address, a referrer (where they came from), their user agent or browser identification, and their ISP provider. All these things can be randomized and faked to make the fake click seem real. A list of proxy ip addresses can be used also so they don't get caught at their main ip address and get shut down by their ISP.
  • Other things can be set up in the bot software like a random time spent on the site.
  • Let's say you want to improve your search results in google (SEO)... you can tell the bot to search for your keywords and then click on your link in the search results thus making your site seem more popular to google for those keywords.
  • Let's say you wanted to increase the views on your Youtube video. You can do that with a bot.
  • If you are a publisher and you want to make more money, just get a bot to click on the ads on your website.
  • I could go on and on, but you get the point... stick to postcard mailings and let an expert select the list for you. The list is 80% of your success when using direct mail advertising. I'll just leave you with this pic of just some of my evidence...
OK! Tell Me How to Avoid All Fake Bot Traffic!