Problem: The Make Money Online/Offline niche is overcrowded and full of scams. You are jaded and skeptical. And you have probably been ripped off a time or two (or three). Let me show you how I started Simple Cash Daily to fix all that for you. Let's start with some of the other programs available and what their problem is...

Cash Gifting Programs: First of all they are illegal despite what they tell you. Second, they don't work and eventually you'll get a letter from the Post Office telling you to cease and decist. You know the programs... you send $10 to the person in position 1, $10 to the guy in position two, etc, etc. Ever notice that there is always an "administrator" in one of those positions? He's the one who's making all the money! See note below...

NOTE: There is an important but slight difference between legal programs like The Power of Four and illegal "cash gifting" programs... it all boils down to the PRODUCT and/or SERVICE you are getting. The Power of Four has a valuable marketing kit and the administrator actually performs a lot of administrating duties that keep the cheaters out. That is a very valuable service. With illegal cash gifting, there is no product or a flimsy product and the administrator does no real work. One dead giveaway is if you send money directly to participants. Especially cash money. Those programs can be easily cheated and the cash will get stolen on the way. ALSO: I have thoroughly looked into The Power of Four Program to verify that it actually works as it is supposed to - you actually get a response for a change!

Get Rich Quick Schemes: Make $1,000,000 in 30 days! How about $5000 this week? You can trust me with 110% certainty on this one... get rich quick schemes DO NOT EXIST. Period. End of discussion. I know because I have been searching for one for 30 years now and I haven't found it. The only way to make money is to advertise a good product the right way and make sales. Advertising takes time and money. You will never get rich overnight and you will never make money without spending money. Anybody who tells you differently is a dadgum liar.

Big Profit System (aka BPS or We Make Your Sales, etc): [out of business already] Did you know this was just a front end for Empower Network? They can't tell you the name of the program up front because there is so much negative comments about it on the web. It's also very expensive to join... up to $30,000 bucks.

Aspire/Digital Altitude[out of business already] Pretty much the same as Empower Network. Up to $27,997 to join. Did you notice that you only get paid 40-50% commission in these programs? And you don't get paid at all if you sell a level above yours. The managers are making a killing off your efforts versus Simple Cash Daily which lets you keep 90% of the commissions!

Those cheap flyer programs: Most, not all, of these are illegal. You know what I am talking about... you get those cheap photocopied flyers in the mail every day like I do. Come on, do I even need to say that those things don't work? Do you really think you are going to make any money sending out those cheap flyers. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SALES MATERIAL IS GOOD QUALITY!

MLM/Pyramid Schemes: If  there is a compensation plan that pays on several levels and there is not much of a product if any at all, it is an illegal pyramid scheme and they NEVER work. Also, with MLM you have to give away most of your commission to your upline who did nothing to earn it. You should keep all of the commissions you earn. Also... some of these programs have a basic flaw of only having a one time payment. If you want to make more money, you have to keep advertising and do all the hard, expensive work over and over again.

Legit Network Marketing Programs: These are programs like Amway, Herbalife, etc. While they are legal, their products are usually overpriced in order to have enough profit to distribute as commissions. For some reason, the math never works out. Recruiting is very hard if not impossible. Online recruiting IS impossible - I know I have tried it several times in the past. So you must recruit with face to face selling. And even if you do manage to build a downline, it will fall apart due to attrition.

Binary Options/Forex: Just trust me on this one. I tried to trade forex for two years. The best I could do was break even. I never made one penny of profit. And binary options is a 100% scam. I always lost money when I tried binary options. I'm a pretty smart guy too - I have a BS Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Math. I understood the technical side and the fundamental side. I used the best charts and indicators and had the best news feeds. Trust me, it is all rigged!

Wealthy Affiliate Scam: These filthy dirty scumbags teach their scumbag students to write fake reviews about other honest companies like Simple Cash Daily so they can siphon off the search traffic and redirect it to their affiliate link and make money. If you have to stoop that low to make money online, then it is not worth it in my opinion. I really don't understand how Wealthy Affiliate employees and affiliates can sleep at night when they make their money by being a lying, cheating piece of crap.

I'll add more in the near future...

Definition - SCAM: When someone promises you great success and then underdelivers on that promise.

These are some real hyped up headlines that other programs use to sucker you in with promises of untold wealth days after joining with no work or expense on your part whatsoever. There's one problem with these "promises"... they are all fake, false promises that can never be accomplished...

  • “Turn $15 Into $10,000 With ZERO Work ...”
  • “Discover The Exact System Our Members Are Using To Rake In Profits Of Over $3,000 A Day – All On Autopilot… And With Zero Risk!”
  • “Guaranteed Income Today Get Paid $1,000 To Beta Test This New System”
  • “Earn $3,000 For Activating Your System Today- No Purchase Required!”
  • “WARNING: Your Chance At An Easy $723.67/day is Slipping Away Forever...”
  • “Make $3000 before this video ends!”
  • "$40,877 in 24 hours!"midas touch scam
  • "We'll pay you $1000 for every used book you send us!"
  • My Western Union “Money In Minutes” package allows you to simply pick up REAL $1,000 bills every “5 MINUTES” from over 500,000 Western Union Locations Worldwide!
  • "92 Days Ago, I Was Bouncing Checks... Today I’m Driving a Brand-New Bentley!"

Don't Fall For This Crap!!!!!!!

"Don't be a victim of your own jaded heart & skepticism. I hope you recognize that SCD is successful. All you need to do is see the opportunity homes business scamhere and join with us so we can help you to cut through all the crap and be successful too. The sure cure for a jaded heart is pockets full of cash. The true secret to success is to never quit - eventually, you will find that one thing that works. After testing 100's of traffic sources, we have found that one thing for you."

EJJ principle (pronounced edge): Everybody Just Join! Want massive, unheard of profits? EJJ. Want the success of your wildest dreams? EJJ. Want that brand new Prevost motorhome? EJJ. Want to join that fancy golf club? EJJ. Want to go on that dream vacation of a lifetime? EJJ. Attain all your dreams. EJJ.The only thing standing in your way of super success is response rate. EJJ. Think about it. EJJ. -- Bill Anderson 

There are too many people getting scammed these days, so how do you spot a scam anyway?...

  • If you see, over hyped claims like "make $3000 a week" or "Your Chance At An Easy $723.67/day is Slipping Away Forever...", you may be looking at a scam.
  • Making $100 a day is very hard, so I would say any claim of over $100 a day is usually scam.
  • You are not going to make enough to buy a Ferrari or Gulfstream Jet, so flashy claims like that are all fake. I have bought yachts and RVs myself, but that does not happen overnight.
  • If you have to invest over $1000 and they claim you don't have to do anything, it may be a scam. 
  • Any type of online store that requires a big investment up front is a scam. They take your money, maybe set up some Amazon links, promise you traffic, but the sales never come. You've been scammed.
  • If the scam involves sending money to an "administrator" it may be a scam. Make sure the administrator performs real admin duties like in The Power of Four Program. Most admins start those programs so they can profit off your efforts. Often they sell you worthless mailing lists too so they scam you twice. The administrator should actually perform valuable admistrative duties and not just get paid for doing nothing. 
  • Check where your money is going. If too much is going into someone else's pocket, it may be a scam.
  • Anything that involves cash gifting is probably a scam. There must be a legitimate product or administrative service performed.
  • MLM programs that do not involve retail sales to the public, are illegal pyramid schemes.
  • MLM commissions should always be based on the sale of a product. Programs that have no product or pay a commission or fast start bonus based just on the act of recruiting are illegal pyramid schemes.
  • Programs that teach you how to cheat on your taxes are definitely scams.
  • If you have to pay a fee up front to "get your funds", you're being scammed.
  • There's a bad IRS scam going around where they threaten a lawsuit or to throw you in jail. Just remember, the IRS will never call you. They are even using robo-callers now to call everyone.
  • There's many more scams out there, so just email me if you are unsure. I love exposing these bastards to SCD members in the forum.
  • Just one more tip... nobody will ever contact you via email or phone and ask you for personal information. So never give it out unless you initiate the contact. This is called pfishing.
  • I don't think you'll find any of these characteristics at Simple Cash Daily...
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