Money Multiplier 

Kick it into high gear with the Money Multiplier...

The basic concept of the Money Multiplier is simple... join the new TPS100 membership option and then get your traffic using our traffic rotator. Our traffic is pre-tested. While we can't guarantee sales, all our tests did make sales with these traffic sources.

Remember - the Money Multiplier is optional. You'll make money with The Perfect System alone. This is just icing on the cake. But you'd be crazy not to participate in something that works so well! 

What is a rotator? It's just a link rotating system that evenly distributes traffic to a set of links (your TPS affiliate link).


Well... I know these types of programs usually fail because participants don't know how to market them correctly. After all, that's why I started The Perfect System in the first place - I knew, if it were left up to you, you would get bad results from your marketing, make no sales, and quit. I don't think this - I KNOW this from experience.

Enter the TPS100 rotator... the rotator solves all your marketing problems and makes previously failed programs a success. It's all about being able to duplicate the success. Even though you may be able to make sales in a program, doesn't mean your people are able to. I can attest to the fact that most of them can NOT get any sales. And if they do, they probably spend $2000+ doing it.

That's why we all need a way to make sales in these programs...

After joining TPS100, purchase your rotator traffic in your TPS back office.

Welcome to TPS100...

Are you tired of all the MLM, pyramid schemes, & cash gifting scams?

All these types of programs rely on other people to make money.

What if… you could just make a sale and keep $40 every month?

And then you would also keep $40/mth from every sale your people make!

And… The money would be automatically sent to you each Friday.

A true DIRECT RESPONSE business that is 100% yours.

$40 sent direct to YOU - not just once, but every month! True residual income.

10 sales - $400 a month - 100 sales - $4000 a month.

Income Example (note this is just an example and not a guarantee of income):
Let's say you make 10 sales and all your people make 10 sales too.
You would make $400 a month on tier 1 sales (10x$40).
And you would also make $4000 a month on tier 2 sales (100x$40).

All of the setup is automatic - all you need to do is join and tell us what your Paypal email address is. Original TPS members join TPS100 in your back office. New members join TPS here...

Rotator Traffic...

After joining TPS100, purchase your rotator traffic in your TPS back office. Our clicks are $1 apiece. You can login here...