Money Multiplier 

Kick it into high gear with the Money Multiplier...

The basic concept of the Money Multiplier is simple... join any of these programs you want, and I'll run your flyer in the $100 Dollar Billfold co-op mailing once at no cost tomoney multiplier you. That's a $628 dollar value. And the co-op mailer has been proven to get sales.

Important Note: The free offer mentioned above is for paid The Perfect System members only. If you are not a paid member of TPS, you can Join HERE. Non-TPS members or free trial members can still place an ad in this co-op of course. We accept any program flyers! Just participate in the co-op HERE!

Remember - the Money Multiplier is optional. You'll make money with The Perfect System alone. This is just icing on the cake. But you'd be crazy not to participate in something that works so well!

I ran the PO4 flyer in the co-op and I got 6 sales per issue. If you don't believe me, just look at the checks I received from one issue below...

power of four


Well... I know these types of programs usually fail because participants don't know how to market them correctly. After all, thats why I started The Perfect System in the first place - I knew, if it were left up to you, you would get bad results from your marketing, make no sales, and quit. I don't think this - I KNOW this from experience.

Enter the co-op mailer... the co-op solves all your marketing problems and makes previously failed programs a success. It's all about being able to duplicate the success. Even though you may be able to make 4 sales in PO4, doesn't mean your people are able to. I can attest to the fact that most of them can not get just 4. And if they do, they probably spend $2000+ doing it.

I also work icanget2... guess what?! - Nobody can get just 2! Unbelievable, I know!

That's why we all need a way to make sales in these programs... The Co-Op:

After joining, here's how to submit your flyer for the co-op mailing...

Just visit this link and follow the instructions... Submit Your Flyer HERE!

Remember: This free offer is good ONLY if you join these programs from my flyer. i.e. my name must be in the 2nd position on the flyer. Your name must be in position one. Or for icanget2, you must be in my downline. AND you must be a paid member of The Perfect System.

Multiply It! - Join The Programs Here...

Get all the details and Join the Power of Four Here... Power of Four

Get all the details and Join icanget2 Here... icanget2

A word of warning about icanget2 - it’s more of an MLM company and does require a computer. And the product is a smartphone app. So, it’s a little technical in nature. But you do not have to use the app to participate. All you have to do is join - and that is easy. It is recurring income and that means recurring monthly payments.

If you need a flyer for icanget2, I can provide you with one. All I would need is your icanget2 shortcode...

If you can't remember what your icanget2 shortcode is, just look in the sign-up email you received after joining icanget2. Note that there are separate usernames for SCD and and even the smartphone app, so don't confuse those with your icanget2 shortcode/username.

To test your icanget2 shortcode, just enter icanget2 MLM into your browser bar and your name should appear in the upper left. If it says "Presented by: The ICANetwork", you have used an invalid shortcode. Send your shortcode along with your name to bill @ (spaces inserted to avoid spam - do not type them).

A new program will be coming the week of Oct 19th - be on the lookout for it!