The $imple Cash Daily "Mail Order" Lifestyle...

You don't know me, my name is Bill Anderson -- I'm not famous -- I don't need to be. Because I have secretly made millions in a "Mail Order Lifestyle" working from home. bill on yacht

I’ve been doing this long enough to remember the good ol’ days... I would buy a targeted list, send out my mailpiece, wait for the orders to come in, and then ship out the books. I had to buy a rubber stamp to endorse all the checks I received every day. On some days, the checks stacked 3 inches high!

After about a year of doing this, I moved into the best apartment Savannah had to offer at Hoover Creek Plantation.

I had a third floor one bedroom with a bonus area that I used for my office. It had a nice picture window that overlooked the marsh and the luxury pool. What I liked most about it was the free dock space on a deepwater creek which led out to Ossabaw Sound and the Intercoastal Waterway. It was a long walk down the dock, but I could keep an eye on my 38' Bayliner MotorYacht from my balcony.

The Mail Order Life is sweet...

All I had to do was organize a mailing campaign about once a week, walk to the mailbox to retrieve my mail, open the stack of orders, run to the bank, make the deposit, and ship out the books. All this took about 2 hours every day. The rest of the day, I could tool around on my yacht, play a round of golf, or take a swim in the pool.

Bill's RVBelieve it or not, I got bored with all that after about 5 years, so I sold the Yacht and bought a 37' Winnebago Motorhome and a Harley Sportster and lived on the "land yacht" for 10 years. All the while running my Mail Order business from the Motorhome.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there was some work involved and a wrench or two thrown into the works on more than one occasion... like 9-11 and the anthrax scare and subsequent postal rate hikes. So I moved on to internet marketing for sales.

Google Cash...

In the beginning, the google cash method worked great... buy some pay per click ads (PPC), do some very easy SEO (search engine optimization), send traffic to your sales page, receive orders, and fulfill orders (or better yet, have a service like Clickbank deliver orders automatically). I was back in the saddle again after 9-11!

Then comes along the Google Slap, Penguins, and Pandas...

Somewhere around 2010, give or take a year or two, google started to be a party pooper. There got to be too many players and google wanted to up their PPC fees and clean up their organic search results. It quickly got a lot more expensive and time consuming to market online.

My sales started to plummet and I started looking for alternative income streams. In 2014, I decided I was going to trade Forex for a living (I don't know what got into me). So I did that for two years. I did better than most because I didn’t lose any money, but I didn’t make any either. So I went through my savings like a hot knife through butter. One day I woke up and realized that the the market was rigged. There are sheep herders and there are sheep - and I was a sheep.

That brings me to present day...

I tried some affiliate marketing, but could not make any money due to the high online advertising costs. Today, you can only make money with affiliate marketing if you own a huge email list you can send offers to. Before the slap, building a list was easy as pie, today it is very expensive.

I looked into many make money online schemes, but all I ran into was one scam after another. It was absolutely unbelievable - the amount of deception, outright lies, and flat out ripoffs online today are astonishing. That’s when I decided I had to...

Start my own program - An honest one!

And Simple Cash Daily was born. I’ll be honest with you, back in the day, it wasn’t all play and no work. There were no online services to do your mailings for you like there are today. I had to buy $50,000 worth of mailing and printing equipment to get my mailings done at a good price and in a timely manner. I also had to pay someone to run the machines, prepare the mailings, and maintain the equipment.

It’s good that I don’t have to do that today because there are companies like VistaPrint, Click2Mail and GotPrint that do all that hard work for you.

So, what does a day in the life of a "Postcard Mailer" look like today?

I buy a list, I go online to, I upload the postcard masters and the mailing list, checkout, and then they take care of everything else. Incoming orders are placed online at (the site you are on right now), there is nothing to ship, no customers to talk to, no phone calls to make, no stamps to lick, and no peeling and sticking labels (unless you want to of course).

I have a house now and a 7 year old daughter, so I don’t spend the rest of my day RVing or yachting or riding my Harley. It’s more like getting her to and from school, helping her with her homework, and other activities. But that’s OK with me.

The most important thing is financial security

It’s my responsibility to make sure her private school is paid for, she has a roof over her head, food on the table, the bills are paid, she has health and dental insurance, and lots of toys to play with. You would not believe the amount of cavities these kids get nowadays - those dental bills are expensive!

Simple Cash Daily allows me to not only take care of her financially but it allows me all the free time I need to spend with her. Camping trips, playground trips, going to the beach, visiting Grandma & Grandpa, DisneyLand, Smoky Mountains, you name it. That’s what owning your own business as a Simple Cash Daily affiliate and member can do for you!

As you can see, the whole advertising industry has gone "full circle". I know this to be true since I actually lived through it all...mail order full circle

Before the web came around, direct mail was king. Then people migrated to online advertising. Online advertising got too crowded, expensive, and unprofitable. Now it's back to old school methods like postcards. You must recognize this transformation or you will go the way of bookstores, movie rentals, encyclopedias, paper maps, fax machines, etc.

YES! I Want the Mailorder Lifestyle Too!