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You could be making real money by tomorrow. Put your credit card away and read on (no upsells either - just join and enjoy full access)...

I'm offering you FREEDOM from a boring life, a pile of unpaid bills, maxed out credit cards, a run down old rusty car, no time to do what you want, a bossy boss, and that damn alarm clock. How much freedom do you want?..... 

Sure... you can run out and get a job if you don’t have one already. But then you’ll be a slave to your boss’s rules... get up early, commute to work, punch the clock, do whatever they tell you to do, drive back home, and repeat the next day. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a one week vacation every year.

But what if you could work from home? Be your own boss? Eliminate the drive to and from work every day? Work when you want to? Take a vacation every week? And no boss to worry about! 

All while doing something you really enjoy... that’s what the “secret” to making REAL money is. That’s the Work From Home Lifestyle. 

And we make it so Simple for you...

Hello, I’m Bill Anderson, and I’ve been living the Work From Home Lifestyle for 30 years now. Over those years, I have encountered many people who were making money in very unique businesses. Businessessimple cash daily I’d love to do myself if I weren’t so busy doing other things. Some of these smart business people I’m downright jealous of! After all, they are making serious money while doing something that is fun.

And that is what this site is all about...

Offering you a collection of fun business plans and tips so you can choose the one that you love the best.

  • You may be too old for one but another may require less physical labor and no technical skills.
  • Different strokes for different folks - that's why we have many plans to choose from.
  • NONE of these plans require a college degree or special skills - this ain’t “rocket surgery” here.
  • Have a “job” already? No problem - most of these plans can be started in your spare time.
  • You may not have enough startup capital for half the plans but the rest require much less money (some require almost none).
  • What do you enjoy doing? There should be a plan for you!
  • Want to work from a spare room, or get into the great outdoors?
  • Do you like to be around other people or do you prefer peace and quiet and privacy?
  • Are you tired of being told what to do? Do what you want - you are the boss now!
  • Do you have to ask for time off? Now you can take 3 day weekends whenever you want.
  • Want to take a month long vacation? Just pick a plan that allows that.

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Listed below is the type of crap you will find for free online. This junk came from a real blog post and is typical of all the lame advice you'll find for free online. Our plans are NOT like these...

  • Create YouTube videos - maybe if done right.
  • Sell an Online Course - OK, but you better be an expert in the niche and have some serious online marketing skills. Not for everybody.
  • Automate a Drop Shipping Online Store - Everybody is into drop shipping and eCommerce these days. Very over crowded and requires knowledge of getting traffic. One drawback is everything is shipped from China and that takes weeks.
  • Create AudioBooks - You still have to sell them.
  • Write an eBook - Possibly, if done right. 
  • Blog and earn with Affiliate Marketing - With the constantly changing search engine changes these days, blogging is not what it used to be.
  • Blog and earn with AdSense - Almost impossible to make money.
  • Develop a Mobile App - Yeah, right! I have a BS degree in computer science and I don't know how to develop an app!
  • Run a membership or subscription site - Maybe if done right.
  • License Your Photos - If you are looking to make pennies in a world of extreme competition, go right ahead.
  • Get into Lead Generation - Not.
  • Run a Unique Newsletter Campaign - Still got to sell it and get paid subscribers and that ain't easy. And it better be real nichey.
  • Master the Art of Domain Flipping - All the domains I have ever tried to sell just didn't sell. If they are making money, people may buy them, but if they are making money, why not just keep them.
  • Sell Your Creative Web Design Elements and other Digital Goods - really?
  • Design Shirts and Get Royalties - Possibly if done right.
  • Write for Revenue-Sharing Sites - If you want to work your ass off for pennies, this is for you. Sounds like an extremely low paying "job" to me.
  • Buy an Existing Site & Flip for Income - OK, I have some swamp land down in south Georgia I'd like to sell you. I'll give you a great deal!
  • Invest Your Money - Are you serious? If we had tons of money to invest, we wouldn't be looking to start a home business.
  • Publish an Extensive Guide on a Very Specific Niche - Could work if done right.
  • Become a Podcast Star - No. It's the old "build it and they will come" syndrome. Nobody is going to listen to your podcast without some serious marketing.
  • Create and Sell WordPress themes and plugins - OK, maybe if you are an expert coder.
  • Buy Music Royalties - What the... ?
  • Run an Online Forum or Job Board - I don't think so!
  • Create and Sell Digital Products - I seriously have doubts. It could work if done right, but again, you have to sell it and that is hard.
  • Accept Donations - I can attest to the fact that most people these days will not give you a donation if you put a "donate now" button on your content.
  • This guy had another 75 lame ideas listed, but I don't want to bore you to death.
  • I just wanted to list some of these to show you how different our plans are. Yeah, some of ours are similar to a few of these, but most of them are REAL businesses that anybody can start online and offline without a whole lot of technical knowledge.

Are you afraid you’ll fail?

Sure - that could happen. But... it’s highly unlikely because each and every one of these plans is already a SUCCESS STORY. I want you to understand this... all of these plans I have seen working with my own eyes. I have seen their good fortune and the freedom lifestyle it affords them.no scams

This collection of plans do NOT include shams and scams. No sending out cheap flyers in the mail. No illegal pyramid schemes. No get rich quick schemes. No franchises. No scams of any kind whatsoever. I would not do that to you. These are all real business that YOU will be proud to own and operate. 

And please don’t be afraid to make a mistake... because smart people understand that failure is just a stepping stone to success. Just learn from your mistake, correct it, and keep moving forward. 

As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?" Edison replied, "I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

For many years, Babe Ruth was known as the King of Strikeouts. He was known for his all or nothing batting style. He led the American League in strikeouts five times, and accumulated 1,330 of them in his career. We all know how that ended!

Like I said, I’ve been living the Work From Home Lifestyle for 30 years now. I play golf in the middle of the week. I go fishing whenever I want. I go camping (or glamping) up in the Mountains for weeks on end. Whenever I want to ride my Harley, I just hop on and go. I have plenty of time to spend with my 8 year old daughter too. She goes to the best private school in town. My boss is pretty cool, huh?

That’s what just one of these “lifestyle” plans will do for you...

Here’s a story about a woman who takes a walk on the beach every morning (plan #25). You might be thinking... How does anyone make money while walking on the beach? From what I have heard, she makes upward of a quarter million dollars annually taking in the sunshine and enjoying the “beach life”. Sounds more like a vacation than a business, but I can assure you this is 100% true.

Ms J takes ordinary baubles and transforms them into unique high fashion jewelry. She crafts these masterpieces in a spare bedroom in her home. Then she sells them to a specific group of women who practically trip over themselves to be the first one to get her one of a kind marvels. Any lady lucky enough to grab one of her designs is certainly going to be the talk of the party! You can do the same with plan #5.

Plan #12 describes how “yours truly” turned a handful of recipes into a $75,000 a year enterprise that lasted for 10 long years. My recipes were so delicious, the right people would gladly fork out top dollar to learn my secrets.

If you have a knack for art, then plan #3 may be of interest to you. If you don’t, you can still make a go of it by hiring an artist on a freelance basis. A tad of salesmanship is required too. But once you put all the pieces together, you’ll have yourself a $25,000+ a year business that runs on autopilot.

Do you like to go to local bars and have a drink or two? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re in luck with plan #7. You can turn your drinking and partying passion into a real business. And one great perk is you can write all those drinks off as a business expense!

The #1 Plan in the collection has a small startup cost AND it has the MOST income potential. No computer needed and you don't even need a credit card. It may be the perfect business model... it's included in your member's area!

Sometimes, you have to do things back asswards... that is, find an easily accessible group of buyers and then find something to sell them. After all, what good is a product if it does not have a market? That's what this fellow did with the Scottish Games held all over the Country. He sets up a table at these events and makes a good living selling his wares to this captive audience. He travels the Country and his business follows him everywhere. I don't even know if you could call this "work", but his banker sure would! Plan #8.

Many more unique home business plans just like those described above are available too...

Everything from starting your own car wash with a different twist of a sales angle to turning your model train hobby into a real profit pullin’ legit home based business.

Just some of the plans include... Swim with the Sharks - Dickerin' for Dollars - Ole Timey City Photos - Vacation Bucks - Walk to Wealth - Book Cents - The Tourist Tango - TShirt Treasure Trove - Trains to Somewhere - Unclaimed Riches - YouTube Gold - Mail Order Madness - Influence to the Bank - eBay Money Machine - Amazing Amazon - And Much more!passive profit streams

Remember, It's all FREE!....

A complete video course by Paul Counts, an online millionaire, on how to start your own online affiliate marketing business. And another one of Paul's video courses on Passive Profit Streams. Along with many other business tips and education like Tom Mudry's book on how to do Mail Order. I personally used the techniques in his book to make millions over the last 30 years. These extra bonuses are there to kickstart you in the right direction. These courses are worth $100's of dollars each and are included in your membership at no extra charge. big traffic

 Big Traffic Firesale - The number #1 problem faced by most marketers, especially if you're a newbie, is traffic generation. For starters, you've heard about how important traffic is when it comes to building a massive buyers list... But the question is - HOW? Well, your struggle ends here because I have the ultimate solution for you. Introducing Big Traffic Firesale, a mega collection of 60 modules showing you ways to generate highly targeted website traffic using tried and tested methods. In this Master Course, you will discover how to build a strong following of hot, responsive buyers - the quick and easy way! It's all included FREE in your member's area. Trust me folks - this BONUS alone is worth the price of membership!

LinkedIn Ads 2.0 - Still struggling to dive into boatloads oflinkedin ads high-paying customers? This is your Ultimate Chance to tap into a Vast Pool of Hungry Buyers & Boost Profits without Spending much... Now you too can take your business to the next level with the best use of LinkedInTM Advertising. LinkedIn has become one of the best way to connect easily with professionally targeted audience and build long-term profitable connections with them. And this makes LinkedIn ads a complete treasure-trove of TARGETED LEADS and a virtual goldmine to drive REAL results for your business.

No Cost Income Stream no cost income stream The No Cost Income Stream is an online business model that requires absolutely no cash up front to make money on the internet. They are proven business models that you can follow. You can build them up and scale them up with paid solutions, which is what we highly recommend after you go through this training and after you choose a business model.

Da Forum -  Got a question? Ask it in the free business forum. Want to know community forumif a program is a scam or not? Ask Bill in the forum. Need business advice on anything ranging from traffic to sending out postcards? Just ask Bill. There are already many scam listed and why they are scams. Like the cancer screening MLM scam. You can save $1000's just by avoiding these scams!

Here's Everything You Get for FREE....

Product: Value:
Business Plans ($7 each) $700
Tom Mudry book on Mail order $29.95
Passive Profit Streams $29.95
Big Traffic System $29.95
LinkedIn Ads 2.0 $29.95
InstaCrusher Instagram Marketing Course $29.95
No Cost Income Stream $29.95
Tested Opp Seeker Mail List Ranker $5000.00
Copywriting Secrets $29.95
Biz Opp Survey Results $29.95
Paul Counts Affiliate Marketing Course (video) $29.95
Total >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $5969.55 FREE

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Let me tell you... Not only has "working from home" afforded me a really comfortable life, but the “freedom” is the best part of the home business lifestyle.

Heck, around 2001, I bought a 37 foot motor home with a huge slideout and lived on it for the next 10 years. I trailered my Harley to various vacation spots and did some riding and hiking while at the same time ran my “mail order” business from the small dinette table.

You see... all you really need is an internet connection and a local post office. For some setups, you don’t even need the internet or the post office.

  • Want to sleep in late? Who’s gonna stop you?
  • Want to take a day off and play golf? No problem!
  • Long drive to work? Not any more!
  • Want to take the whole summer off? Why not?
  • Want to spend more time with the kids? Not a problem!
  • Do you hate your boss? Fire them!
  • Want to travel the world? You can do that too.
  • Need to stay at home and watch the kids and make some extra cash on the side? You can do that too!

And, we’re not talking about rinky dink pocket change businesses either. You can make a real living working from home. Some people make millions every year all from a spare bedroom, garage, or basement office. I was able to buy this yacht with my mail order profits...

I could easily charge you $249 for only one of these home business plans. After all, wouldn’t you pay that price for a business that will earn you $50,000 a year? That would be a small price to pay - and it would be the steal of a lifetime for you. 

But I’m not going to charge you $249 apiece or even $49 a pop. The God’s honest truth is, inside your member’s area, we have a sponsor that pays us to place non-intrusive ads in next to the plans. Of course, there is no obligation, but it does cut down on our expenses which we then pass on to you.

That’s why we can...

Offer you the very low price of only $29.95 FREE a month for these much more valuable and unique money making plans. That's $29.95 ZERO measly bucks a month for the whole lot of them too - not just one! Plans that you can use to start your very own business run completely out of a spare room or on a kitchen table.

Everything from starting your own car wash with a different twist of a sales angle to turning your model train hobby into a real profit pullin’ legit home based business.

So, when you join now, you’ll be taken directly to your member’s area where you’ll have instant access to the entire collection. It’s only $29.95 NOTHING a month, so what are you waiting for?...

Click the button below and pick out a plan that will make you a part time or full time income working from your own home! Get out of the rat race today...

No Credit Card Needed!

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So, there are two roads ahead of you right now...

If you don’t join now, your life will go on as it is and it will probably get worse. Who knows, you may be one flat tire, or one health problem, or one layoff, or some other disaster away from serious financial difficulty.

But if you hit that button below, you’ll start a new chapter in your life. You’ll finally have that Work From Home Lifestyle you have always dreamed of. You’re money worries will be over. And you’ll finally have the life you have always wanted.

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Bill Anderson

P.S. There are all kinds of plans available to suit everybody’s needs. Too old to start a car wash, then maybe something else will be up your alley. If one plan has too high start up costs, maybe another one will be lower. Be sure to pick a plan in a niche that you will enjoy working in.