Proof of Mailing

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to collect money for co-op mailings, send the customer a "proof copy" or "checking copy", and then never follow through with the actual mailing.

Several weeks or months later, the customer has yet to receive any response. They ask the co-op dealer about the lack of response, and the dealer makes up some kind of excuse like it was your a bad ad design or all my people are mail order people and they don't know how to go to a webpage... Bullshit!

If you send out a 8.5x11 flyer to 20,000 people in a co-op mailing, trust me on this - YOU SHOULD GET SOME KIND OF RESPONSE!

I track all my advertising response and I tested out two of the big co-op operator's print & mail services. They were 20,000 each. I had a webpage in my ad which went through a tracking link first. I DIDN'T GET ONE SINGLE VISITOR! And I'm not talking about sales, I'm just talking about visitors to my webpage. Not a one!

That can only happen one way - they just didn't mail the 20,000 like they were supposed to. End of story.

So... Here's my Proof of Mailing:

You can download the pdf of each co-op flyer and Postal 3602 forms here...

issue4_mailer.pdf     -     issue4_proof.pdf

issue5-mailer.pdf     -     issue5-proof.pdf

issue6-mailer.pdf     -     issue6-proof.pdf

issue7-mailer.pdf     -     issue7-proof.pdf

issue8-mailer.pdf     -     issue8-proof.pdf

issue9-mailer.pdf     -     issue9-proof.pdf

issue10-mailer.pdf     -     issue10-proof.pdf

issue11-mailer.pdf     -     issue11-proof.pdf

issue12-mailer.pdf     -     issue12-proof.pdf

issue13-mailer.pdf     -     issue13-proof.pdf

issue14-mailer.pdf     -     issue14-proof.pdf