The $100 Dollar billfold... 

Notice - As of 3-9-21, this co-op has been discontinued due to lack of paid ad sales. That's too bad because this was one of the best biz opp advertising options available today. If you visited this site in the past and passed on the opportunity, you may want to evaluate yourself because you have no idea what you are doing. That seems to be running rampant these days. No offense to anybody - just trying to help you make money instead of losing money.

NOTE: for a GOOD alternative to our co-op, try the Home Business Advertiser. It has a larger circulation at about the same price. Details Here ==>

Why mail to 1000 when you can mail to 5000 for less money and to a better list?

$100 dollar billfold bix opp co-op mailer

Here's the details...

I 'm just gettin' this $100 Dollar Billfold off the ground. I had space to fill, so I put in a few of my programs... I got 2 sales into The Perfect System, 6 sales into another mail order program, and one sale in icanget2. All from one co-op mailing. Not too bad!    Bill Anderson (If you don't believe me, just look at the 6 money orders I received on 10/03/20)...

power of four


Do It Yourself The $100 Dollar Billfold
# Pieces Mailed 5000 5000
Postage $2750 Included
Envelopes $500 Included
Paper/Copies $500 Included
List $575 (note: you can't
get the good lists)
Good List Included
Labor A Lot - Free? None
Total $4325 $628

Q: What would you rather do?... send your flyer out in a publication with 120 other ads that are sent out to the same names over and over again?
Q: Or... Would you rather send your flyer out in a co-op mailer with only 10 other ads and is sent to a "good" list of 5000 different buyers every issue.
A: I think the answer is obvious!

Here's a few pages from an actual mailing...

Note: Due to unethical (cheating) behavior by the Power of Four admin, I can no longer accept ANY PO4 flyers for insertion in this co-op.
To see 1 great program to promote, visit the TPS100 page ==>