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Imagine checking your email every Friday and getting notices like that... $400, $800, and even $4000 each and every Friday. You could be driving that brand new sporty car that you’ve always dreamed of. Wouldn’t that be great!?The Perfect System

I know you can do it because I have been doing something similar for the last 30 years. All while working from a spare bedroom in my home or from the dinette table in my 37' motor home while in the Smoky Mountains. Now it's your turn...

And there’s no technical skills required. As a matter of fact, if you can fill out an order form and join and then purchase your solo ad or postcard traffic, you’re good to go. You will also need a Paypal account or Venmo to get paid your commissions every Friday. All you need to provide us with is your Paypal email address or Venmo mobile #.

That’s how easy it is!

Everything else that is necessary to make sales is DFY (done for you)...

10 sales - $400 a month - 100 sales - $4000 a month.

Income Example (note this is just an example and not a guarantee of income):
Let's say you make 10 sales and all your people make 10 sales too.
You would make $400 a month on tier 1 sales (10x$40).
And you would also make $4000 a month on tier 2 sales (100x$40).

Only $100 gets you started in your own Home Based Business TODAY!TPS100

Chances are.... you are almost broke right now. What if you invest $100 to start your own business? Then invest a little more sending traffic. Next thing you know you made 20 sales and are making $800 a month! What would you do with an extra $800 a month?

Times are tough... you never know what the future holds these days. So you must take control of your future and don't let your future "whatever" control you! We all know that the future does not look good. It will be YEARS before we ever get past these crazy times (IF we ever do). I hate to tell you, this may be the new normal for many years to come. And it can get even worse any minute now. You know this is true because you see it playing out in real time every day in the news... protect your financial future by joining TPS100 NOW!...

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But Wait! There's More!

Get a free vacation on us when you join within 24 hours...

Our affiliate tracking software records the time of your first vist.

Just watch this video to see what you're getting...

If you would like to read much, much more detail on our original TPS membership, with case studies, real testimonials, proof videos, faqs, contact form, and much more, just Click here!

Postcard & Flyer Traffic...TPS100 postcard

All other programs leave you hangin' when it comes to the most important thing... TRAFFIC. We don't! After you join, just click a few buttons, and send out a DFY (done for you) postcard or flyer mailing. Everything is included in these mailings - printing, prep, a good mailing list, presorting to save postage, barcoding, and postage. The link to purchase a DFY mailing is in your back office in the getting started section. Postcards run about 50c each.

Rotator Traffic...

After joining TPS100, purchase your rotator traffic in your TPS back office. Our clicks are $1 apiece. You can login here...