The Perfect System
to Make Money Online (Guaranteed)...

I've looked far and wide for a money making system that actually works. I racked my brain for the last 10 years trying to figure out how to make money online in a way that everybody can participate in. I even started my own program in the past, but it failed due to a fundamental flaw. I tried and tested several other programs that failed also. Keep reading to find out why... Bill Anderson

What does the perfect system look like?

  • DFY - This means Done For You. I have found over the last 10 years that I can be successful in these things, but NONE of my people can experience similar results. That's because I have 30+ years of direct mail and online marketing experience and you don't. To solve this little problem, I am just going to do all your marketing for you while you sit back, relax, and do what you are supposed to be doing - enjoying life. Is that OK with you?
  • Cost - Let's get something straight right up front here... you can NEVER be successful in any business without marketing. And marketing costs money. If you are looking to make money without investing some marketing dollars, I have some bad news for you - you are definitely going to fail. Why? Because making money without some form of advertising is a pipe dream. It does not exist. Are there free forms of advertising out there? Yes, but they rarely work in today's overcrowded marketplaces. You have to use paid advertising to succeed. There's no way around it.
  • Pay Your Own Way - I know, I know! You're super skeptical because nothing you've tried in the past worked like it was supposed to. Often, you'll run across a program that promises no risk and no up front cost to you. I actually tried to start a similar program myself. The problem with this is too many people jump on board, the operator can not handle the workload and expense and it eventually fails. This is why it is imperitive that you pay your own advertising costs. But this time, you'll actually get a response/payback from your advertising instead of a big goose egg.
  • Results - This is the #1 reason why most programs fail - lack of results. We've all done mailings or some other form of advertising and gotten no results. That's going to change because a 30 year expert is going to be handling all your advertising for you. We'll accomplish this by putting your affiliate link in a rotator and then sending all the DFY traffic to the rotator. Of course, you'll get a unique affiliate link (with statistics) which you can use to do your own advertising if you choose. And it's all guaranteed...
  • Guaranteed Paid Signups - We're so sure this new system will be a success for you, we are putting our money where our mouth is. If you don't get at least 5 paid membership sales in the first 6 months, we'll refund your money (see guarantee below).
  • High Income Potential - Why would you start a business that does not give you the ability to make a lot of money? This system does exactly that (see pay plan below).
  • Residual Income - Any good business opportunity worth it's salt has to have a way to make residual or recurring income. A membership site does just that. In The Perfect System, you'll be selling memberships to a site that contains 100's of money making plans (new plans and professional content added weekly). These membership sales will pay you a weekly commission on membership fees month after month after month. Why would you do something stupid like make a one time sale when you can make a sale one time and get paid forever?!
  • Passive Income - Residual income is nice, but passive, residual income is even better! Passive income comes in whether you work hard or not. Passive income keeps coming in and working for you even when you're on vacation, playing golf, camping, or just sitting home watching TV.
  • Simplicity - We try to keep things "simple" here at Simple Cash Daily. We tried programs in the past with many different membership levels. That just confused people. When people get confused, they do not join. That's not good. I think this program is simple enough that everybody can understand it. And yes, you do have to have a credit card or PayPal account and a computer to participate. Offline programs that make you send in money orders or cash don't increase response rates at all.
  • No Failure - The reason why all the other programs you've tried in the past have failed is because they didn't have ALL of the elements listed above. So, if you are ready to start making money with little work on your part, click the button below and get started TODAY!

Here's a brief description of The Perfect System...

In a nutshell, this is a membership site. The product, which can be found in your back office, is 100's of unique business plan ideas and top notch marketing courses. They are very valuable and can provide extra income or full time income in a side hustle. Do you have to use them to make money? No! But, you must have a real, tangible product to make everything legal.

You make money by selling memberships and getting paid a commission on the MONTHLY membership fees. This is just a two tier commission structure so it is not considered a MLM program. Because of this and the fact that there is a real product, it can never be considered an illegal pyramid scheme. Two tier means that you are paid a commission on the sales you make and on all the sales your people make. Basically you are paid on two levels. Think of it as a two tier affiliate program rather than a MLM program.

Members will continue to pay their membership fees because if they cancel their membership, they will not receive their affiliate commissions anymore. i.e. attrition is very, very low.

FREE memberships... Free memberships are allowed. You might be wondering why free memberships are allowed - after all, you're trying to make money here, right? Here's the answer... free memberships are a way for people like yourself to go into their back office and see for themselves how real this is. They are allowed access to all the content for free. They are NOT allowed to resell The Perfect System as an affiliate and get paid commissions. Furthermore, when they do upgrade down the road after checking things out, you WILL get the credit for the sale and you will get paid the commissions.

Here's a few examples of the pay plan*...

Memberships are $500 for the first month and $20 per month thereafter. All of the $500 goes toward your DFY marketing and you get paid no commissions on that. Remember, in almost all other programs, you pay to join and then you have to pay additional for your marketing efforts. For instance, if you do a mailing, you have to buy a list, make copies, stuff envelopes, and pay for postage.

We do all forms of advertising, but just as an example, $500 will pay for a 1000 piece postcard mailing to a good list. At 1% response, that would get you 10 sales.

In the second month, you get paid 40% of the $20 monthly membership fee on two levels. For example...

Let's say you sell 10 memberships and they all sell 10 also:

That would be 10 personal sales and 100 sales on your 2nd tier. That's 110 sales with a $8 commission each for a total of $880 commission every month.

Let's say you sell 20 memberships and they all sell 20 also:

That would be 20 personal sales and 400 sales on your 2nd tier. That's 420 sales with a $8 commission each for a total of $3360 commission every month. Now it's getting interesting!

Just for the fun of it, let's do 30 memberships and they all sell 30 also:

That would be 30 personal sales and 900 sales on your 2nd tier. That's 930 sales with a $8 commission each for a total of $7440 commission every single month. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Best Guarantee in the Business!
Guaranteed Paid Signups!

For your first month $500 fee, we'll guarantee you a minimum of 5 signups in your first 6 months or we'll refund every penny of your $500 first month advertising fee.

Folks, you can look for weeks on end and you'll never find anybody else that guarantees you PAID signups! 

So, when it all boils down, you are guaranteed 5 people on your first tier and 25 people on your second tier. That's 30 people altogether paying you an $8 commission each. From there on out, you'll get $240 per month. 

Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that $240 per month is much more than a one time $500 advertising fee!

Don't Delay! - The Sooner You Get in, The Sooner You'll Make Commissions...

Two options:

  • Free Option - Access to all the money making plans and marketing courses. No opportunity to make money as an affiliate. Note: If you are already a free member and you want to join as an affiliate, then just log into your existing account HERE and just add an affiliate subscription from your back office.
  • Affiliate Option - $500 for the first month and then $20 per month thereafter. You'll get DFY traffic, get paid affiliate commissions, and have the opportunity to make sales yourself using your affiliate link.
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