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Imagine checking your email every Friday and getting notices like that... $400, $800, and even $4000 each and every Friday. You could be driving that brand new sporty car that you’ve always dreamed of. Wouldn’t that be great!?The Perfect System

I know you can do it because I have been doing something similar for the last 30 years. All while working from a spare bedroom in my home or from the dinette table in my 37' motor home while in the Smoky Mountains. Now it's your turn...

And there’s no technical skills required. As a matter of fact, if you can fill out an order form and join, you’re good to go. You will also need a Paypal account or Venmo to get paid your commissions every Friday. All you need to provide us with is your Paypal email address or Venmo mobile #.

That’s how easy it is!

Everything else that is necessary to make sales is DFY (done for you)...

10 sales - $900 a month - 100 sales - $9000 a month.*

Only $100 gets you started in your own Home Based Business TODAY!TPS100

Chances are.... you are not making as much money as you would like. What if you invest $100 to start your own business? Then we'll do your marketing for you because, let's face it, you probably suck at marketing. Next thing you know you made 20 sales and are making $1800 a month! What would you do with an extra $1800 a month?

Times are tough... you never know what the future holds these days. So you must take control of your future and don't let your future "whatever" control you! We all know that the future does not look good. It will be YEARS before we ever get past these crazy times (IF we ever do). I hate to tell you, this may be the new normal for many years to come. And it can get even worse any minute now. You know this is true because you see it playing out in real time every day in the news... protect your financial future by joining TPS100 NOW!...

join TPS100

I want to make sure you understand this very clearly...

So, let me break it down for you... first, let me tell you that making money online without spending money DOES NOT EXIST! If you continue to look for that, you will only be looking at scams. So, you will definitely get scammed if you do that. Let's take a look at the worst case scenario with TPS100. Let's say you only get one sale a month...

Month Sales Membership
Fee Paid
Fee Balance
Total Spent
or Earned
start -$997
1 1 $100 -$907 $90 $0 You spend $100*
2 1 $100 -$727 $180 $0 You spend $100*
3 1 $100 -$457 $270 $0 You spend $100*
4 1 $100 -$97 $360 $0 You spend $100*
5 1 $100 $0 $450 $353 You make $253 profit
6 to forever 0 $100 $0 $450 $450 You make $350 profit every month!
Scale it up! 10 $100 $0 $900 $900 You make $800 profit
Scale it up even more! 100 $100 $0 $9000 $9000 You make $8900 profit

*Just to be clear... the most you are going to spend is $400 to make a monthly income of $350 free and clear. This can all happen faster than this 4 month scenario to profit. You can easily scale this up by just purchasing additional memberships. Each new membership comes with 5 new sales. Get rich quick schemes do NOT exist. They are all scams.

As an example... Howard joined on November 22, got his first sale on December 14th, then that same member came back and bought 4 more memberships on January 6th. So he got his 5 sales in less than two months. If that same member buys more, Howard will get the credit.

Do Not Cancel... Don't join TPS100 thinking you can just cancel after you got your 5 sales. You will not get paid unless you have an active membership(s). So, if you can't make your $100 a month payments every month, then it's best to wait until you can. If you think you will quit if you don't get all 5 sales in 2 weeks, then this is not for you. There are plenty of scams out there for you to join. This is not one of them. Real biz opp sales do take some time.

My challenge... if you know of any home business opportunity where you can spend no money and make $350 per month in your first month, PLEASE, pretty please, pretty please with a cherry on top, email me immediately because I want in on that! Proof will be required.

join TPS100

If you have any additional questions, we are eager to help! Just use the contact form below...

If you have a question, just go ahead and ask it below. Don't send us your phone# and ask us to call you. We will not do it. This is a serious mail order business and not a phone tag game. Please see Note #2 below...

Please don't send us a message just saying "Hi" or to tell us you don't have $100 to start your own business. If that is the case, just read the FAQs for info on how to get the $100. Do not send us an email saying you're ready to get started - just go ahead and get started! - click here! You don't need permission to start.

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Note #1... We read and reply to every email. If it seems like you are not receiving a reply chances are we did not receive your email or you did not receive our reply. Email these days can be unreliable at times. First check your spam folder. Another option is to use the support ticket system in your back office.

Note #2... We check our email often so the best way to get in touch with us and ask questions is via email. We don't like to use phones much because if we published a phone # here it would ring off the hook 24 hours a day. There's too much incoming sales calls too and playing of "phone tag", so we just can't put up a phone #.  

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