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Would you trade $997 for $1495.50? And what if I tossed in an extra $480 each and every month for the rest of your life? Your Path to Freedom!

If you think $997 is too much to join The Perfect System, then you really have no clue as to what you are doing. 5 sales for $997 is a steal of a deal. You must continue reading to find out why you keep failing over and over again...

Note: We now have 2 membership plans... the original one with 5 guaranteed sales and the other called TPS100 where you do all the sales work.

Discover How I’ve Been Living the “Mail Order Lifestyle” for 30+ Years! Working from home & making truck loads of unlimited the perfect system

I want you to visualize your newfound prosperity. Imagine having enough money to pay all your bills and then buy whatever your heart desires. After all, you do want the "Mail Order Lifestyle", don't you?

And we GUARANTEE 5 sales... Not only is it guaranteed – it's all DFY (done for you by a 30+ year expert). You barely have to lift a finger. Just skip right over the hard selling part and go straight to the getting sales part. Get your sales below...

Condensed Version...

  • How You Make Money - Just a simple 2 tier affiliate program. Commissions paid on monthly membership fees so it's residual income forever. No MLM or pyramids. When your 2nd tier is filled out, you earn $480 per month per membership you own. Want more sales? Just buy more memberships!
  • Guaranteed Sales - Wouldn’t it be nice to just skip the hard advertising part and just “get sales” instead? 5 sales are guaranteed.
  • The Cost - Each membership is $997 for the first month and then $40 per month thereafter. The first month fee covers your DFY advertising. And the $40 per month pays your monthly membership and is where the bulk of commissions are earned.
  • Remember - The first month cost of $997 pays for your advertising. With all other programs, you have to pay extra to do your own advertising. Getting just one sale in another program could easily cost you $1000's of dollars. With us, you are guaranteed 5 sales. That's the big difference between us and them.
  • The Product - 100's of great home business plans and marketing courses that actually work. The mailing list ranker alone is well worth the membership fees. A real value of over $50,000 because that's how much the tests cost to produce this valuable info. You won’t need most of this content if you join The Perfect System because we do it all for you, but it is great info nonetheless.
  • TPS100 - This is optional, but you would be insane not to participate! We have a new membership plan called TPS100. It's simply $100 per month and you make the sales yourself. Same 2 tier commission structure. We even have a traffic rotator you can use to send traffic to your affiliate link. That's usually the achilles heel with all programs - the ability to get good traffic and make sales. Visit TPS100 info page.
  • What You Do - Nothing. Just be patient while a 30+ year marketing expert does all the work. Understand that get rich quick schemes do not exist. If you catch the shiny object syndrome and want to jump ship to something that promises $1000 a week in 30 days, you are about to be scammed [again] my friend. Note that in the new TPS100 membership, you will have to make your own sales.
  • Maybe you've been screwed before - I started this program BECAUSE of all the scams out there and your inability to do the type of marketing required to be successful. So, if you are having trouble paying your bills, much less buying that new luxury car you've been wanting, you should take a serious look at this program that will help you finally succeed!

or Continue Reading for full details...

Please take the time to relax and read every word here. It's very easy to understand IF you read every word the first time and don't just skim. This is a serious business that will provide your future income, so don't you need all the facts first? Sadly, those that just skim will not "get it" and they will not learn why all the other programs out there fail time after time. In this program, reading this letter is the ONLY hard work you will ever do since we do all the work for you. So it's the least you can do. It only takes 15 minutes, so read on...


I’m Bill Anderson (that’s my real name). You would not believe the totally fake, made up stories people use these days! But... I’m the real deal. Been doing this for 30+ years full time and have made a fair amount of spendin’ money over the years. Sure, there were a few lean years thrown in for good measure, but I mostly kept busy and just moved on.

Most years were like this...

Jan: $40,678.02, Feb: $59,970.74, Mar: $65,835.90, Apr: $73,986.20, May: $31,592.60, Jun: $32,227.47, Jul: $22,881.05, Aug: $43,350.41, Sep: $32,652.41, Oct: $19,507.15, Nov: $14,844.33, Dec: $29,060.31, for a grand total of $466,596.05!

Imagine opening up your mailbox and seeing it literally stuffed full of envelopes – each containing an order for $29.95 plus shipping. At my bank, the drive through teller’s eyes used to about pop out of her skull when I handed her a three inch high stack of checks with a deposit slip on top.

     Or in recent times, imagine checking your email and seeing 100's of emails each saying “Notification of Payment Received”. I remember sitting in my RV at Myrtle Beach State Park watching the screen on my laptop – every few seconds a new order would come in from PayPal and I would call out to my friends... “Another one just came in!”. That went on all morning. The Perfect System scamThe Perfect System scam reviewThe Perfect System review

I know you think I’m full of it, so at the bottom of this web page I list some of my old products and web pages I have used over the years. Feel free to check them out. Then you will know for sure that there is nothing at all fake about what I do. After all, you can’t erase or re-write history, right?!

I don’t tell you all this to brag...

...I’m just tellin’ you this to show you that this easy as pie, mail order, work from home stuff can be as real as the sun coming up tomorrow morning. And I know you are skeptical as hell and you are only interested in WIIFM (what's in it for me - actually, I'll get to that soon enough). But right now, I'm just trying to show you that I'm the real deal and not just another scamming, lying guru out to steal your money. So, if I tell ya’ there is cheese and crackers on the moon, you better bring some napkins my friend!

If you had the choice to take advice from two different people... #1 – A self proclaimed "guru" who has only been doling out advice for 5 years and ONLY makes his or her money by selling this so called "advice", or #2 – A person who has been actually practicing what he preaches on a daily basis for 30+ years. If you are like me, you'd choose the 2nd guy. That 2nd guy is ME!

I was able to buy a 38' yacht and rent the best apartment in Savannah overlooking the marsh and the dock where I kept my boat tied up.mail order lifestyle Imagine the deep relaxation and serenity you can have anchored out in your own secluded river in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Just you and the dolphins. 

Folks, let me tell ya’ – you don’t buy a yacht and fill up the 300 gallon tank with $4.60 a gallon marine fuel every other weekend if you are not absolutely killin’ it in your mail order business (I’ll show you how in a minute).

This was back when I was selling three products... a book called Welding Secrets, my book called Mail Order Details and Facts, and another book I wrote called Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it. All I did most days was buy lists, mail out flyers, walk down to my mailbox, collect the orders, ship out the books, and make a run to the corner bank. I say "most days" because whenever I wanted to I would go play golf or take my yacht out for a long weekend.

Then I got bored with all that, believe it or not, and sold the yacht andwork from home lifestyle bought a 37' Winnebago "land yacht", lived on that for 10 years while riding my Harley around the Southeast.
     Those were some great years! I must have rode up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway 20 times. I really loved to ride up to the top of the mountain, turn the engine off, and coast all the way back down - no noise except for the birds and the wind whisping past my ears.

     Then I finally settled down in my little house in the woods and started doing BBQ competitions. I wrote a book called Competition BBQ Secrets, sold that for 10 years, became an 8x Grand Champ and best brisket cook in the world, and here we are today. Just starting my next lucrative project which you can piggyback onto. As you can tell, I don't mess around and do things half-heartedly.bill anderson bbq champion

But, let me tell ya’...

It wasn’t always that easy back then. Mailing lists had to be shipped to you on magnetic reel tapes. You needed an expensive tape reader to just access the names. Then you needed to farm the mailings out to a mail house. That was super expensive so I did it all in house with duplicators, folders, inserting machines, envelope addressing machines, a truck, and a whole lot of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. 

Things got much easier when the internet came along. Instead of doing huge mailings, I would just buy ads on Google and send the traffic straight to my sales page (this does not work today). That gave me much more time to ride my motorcycle. Despite all that...

It took a week to do what it takes 15 minutes to do today!

And that's my point... it is super simple these days to run a mail order business from your kitchen table while you’re still wearin’ your PJs. And I’m NOT gonna show you how to do it either. No Siiirrrreee! – I’m gonna actually DO it for you while you sit back, relax and...

...enjoy the mail order lifestyle like me.

You see, even with today’s technology which makes things 1000% easier, I’m not going to lie to you... it’s still not as easy as you think. It’s actually out of most people’s reach. I would have to write a book to show you how to do it the right way. Actually, I did write a book on mail order and made a livin’ off it for 10 years but that’s another story (it's in your back office).

I would have to teach you...

  • How to find the right products.
  • How to become a master copywriter.
  • How to buy the best mailing lists and format the list in the right way.
  • How to design your mail piece so it pulls orders like crazy.
  • How to buy a domain name and put up a webpage along with the elaborate technical details like integrating the payment system, setting up email and autoresponders, search engine optimization, online advertising, postcard advertising, etc.
  • How to push a few buttons and do a week’s worth of work in 15 minutes.
  • How to test and track results with precision accuracy. If you don't test and track results, you're dead before you even begin.
  • How to deliver the product in the fastest way to please your customers.
  • Then... how to create the all important back end products to sell to your new customers.
  • And much, Much, MUCH more!
  • This stuff is easy for me because I've been doing it for 35 years! But you probably couldn't do one of them much less ALL of them. And, trust me, you need to do all of them to be successful in today's competitive market. Making cheap copies and mailing to cheap lists just doesn't cut it anymore.
The Perfect System testimonialThe Perfect System review

And – there’s other technology that we take for granted today like...

Online payments and to be more specific, monthly subscription online payments. Are you kiddin’ me?! I would be a freakin’ multi-millionaire many times over if I had that technology 25 years ago! Back then, I sold one product (usually a paper book) and made about $29.95 a pop. I had to accept checks and run credit cards manually. If I wanted to make more money, I had to advertise more and sell another book.

If I were smart, which I admittedly wasn’t at first, I would compile a list of my buyers and sell them a similar product down the road. Usually I just opted to sell more books to make more money. Little did I know what kind of money I was leavin’ on the table! I don’t like thinkin’ about it!

Now, I'm gonna be brutally honest with you...

... it wasn't always peaches and cream over the last 35 years. The truth is — shit happens. It happens to you and it happens to me too. You got to be ready for it, expect it, and get around it somehow. I've had partners screw me over, I survived 9/11 and the anthrax mail scare, the Y2K bug, and I breezed through the 2008 financial crisis like it didn't even happen. And... most recently, The Perfect System had a million dollar year in 2020 - and we all know what a shitfest of a year that was!

And that is NOT by accident. I actually planned for this when I started the business. I knew from experience not to start a business that could get shut down due to some unforseen crisis. And I also knew from experience what to do in a crisis - just keep on truckin' baby!

One thing that does slow things down a bit is elections and the craziness that surrounds a presidential election. And if you throw in a supreme court nomination, it can get even crazier. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

Proper testing and tracking will alert you to a slowdown like this and the cure is to just wait until it blows over while dropping smaller mailings every now and then to "test the waters". These little behind the scenes things are what we do for you. After all... you wouldn't want us to waste your ad dollars unwisely, would you?

Imagine the trouble Amazon caused for book sellers like me — once Welding Secrets got on Amazon, my sales dropped like a hot rock. So, I wrote a BBQ book and sold it on and off Amazon. In recent years, much to my surprise, online advertising ceased to work anymore due to over competition.

It got so bad, I couldn't sell a heater to an Eskimo in a snowstorm. I'll admit... it got a little tight there for a while. I got behind on my house payments and my electricity was about to be turned off. I felt real fear for the first time in 35 years. I could go on and on, but my point is...

You must be prepared for the unforseen disasters!

Shit happens and life changes. It's a fact. Some of you may be one flat tire away from financial disaster. What if you get hurt or sick, God forbid? What if you get hit by a natural disaster? Or, it could be something like your kid needing to go to college. 

The greatest teacher failure is... Yoda

The stuff I used to do to make money sounds terribly hard, doesn’t it?

And it was! But today, you literally got it made in the shade...

Imagine owning your own business that makes you at least $480 each and every month on up to $960+ a month with just 2 memberships! Just close your eyes for a minute and visualize how that would change your life from mundane and fearful to the "mailorder lifestyle" — which means no more money worries for you ever again — How would that change your life? Here's what you get...

  • A DFY (Done For You) product. And a perfect product at that!
  • I buy the lists for you and do the mailings for you (no more stuffing envelopes and licking stamps).
  • I track results for you so you can enjoy life and not work all day.
  • Back End Product... we got that covered for ya’ too (a monthly membership site).
  • Affiliate marketing is another thing we didn’t have back in the day. But now, it’s standard practice.

So... I’ll give you a great product (a membership site), I’ll sell it for you (DFY), you don’t get paid just once, you get paid every month for just one sale (residual income/back end sales), I deliver it for you (automatically), and you get paid an affiliate commission (passive income).

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I call it The Perfect System!

It's amazing, I know! But did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah... the silver platter! home based businessAnd you’ll have to buy your own luxury car too because I’m not going to do that for ya’.

So, give me the details already, Bill (if that is your real name)!

Hold your horses there buckaroo! I’ll get to the nitty gritty details in a sec, but first let me tell you about the product value you’ll be getting inside your member's area.

Here’s everything you get in this once in a lifetime deal...

Product: Value:
Business Plans ($7 each). Lots to look at, but
you'll only be using one - The Perfect System
Tom Mudry book on Mail order $29.95
Passive Profit Streams $29.95
Big Traffic System $29.95
LinkedIn Ads 2.0 $29.95
InstaCrusher Instagram Marketing Course $29.95
No Cost Income Stream $29.95
Unique Opp Seeker Mail List Ranker $5000.00*
*actual cost to test and compile ranker $50,000.00
Copywriting Secrets $29.95
Biz Opp Survey Results $29.95
Paul Counts Affiliate Marketing Course (video) $29.95
The "Secret" of Riches Unlimited Value
CoronaVirus Killer $97
Profiting from CoronaVirus $29.95
Never Be Scammed eBook $29.95
And much more! $??.??
Total >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $6126.45 

Bill, have you lost your mind? This is too good to be true! I still don’t believe a damn thing you’re sayin’...

Jimminy Crickets! Why are you so damn skeptical? I’m handing you 30+ years of experience on a silver platter. I’m giving you $6096.50+ buckaroos of value for a paltry $2.73 a day (that's less than the price of a Starbucks latte these days – a lot less actually). I’m giving you your own profitable business. You want more?

OK, OK!... Don’t get your panties all in a wad!

Case Studies...

Case Study #1 - Let me tell you about Olu... Olu came on board with 2 memberships in January 2020. He has since purchased 3 more memberships in July and August. So he needed a total of 25 guaranteed sales. Olu was very lucky because one of his sales bought a ton of memberships. And once a member is yours, you get credit for all future sales of that member. So, Olu ended up needing 25 sales and he actually got 51. That does happen often, but on a smaller scale. That’s because if you want to make more money, you just buy more memberships. Each membership pays $480 a month when 2 tiers are filled. He is now making about $1294.80 a month for his initial investment of $4185. 

Case Study #2 - Muhammad started in July 2019 with 11 memberships. He waited patiently and got his 55 sales plus 11 extras from some of his members buying more memberships. After waiting patiently for his 2nd tier to fill up, he now has a pretty good sized 2nd tier and is making close to $3000 a month. Back when he joined, memberships were $500 for the first month. So, that’s not a bad deal - $5500 to make almost $3000 a month!

Case Study #3 - Rita started back in March and June of 2019 with two purchases. A total of $1000 invested plus some monthly membership fees. She now makes a few bucks over $1000 every month. She has two more memberships she bought in 2020 that haven’t even been fulfilled yet. A good investment if you ask me.

Case Study #4 - Frankie started on January 19th, 2020 with two membership purchases. He bought another in July. So far, he has 11 sales and needs 4 more. But he is still making about $698.50 in first month commissions every month and his monthly commissions will kick in soon. So, for spending about $1194 to start, not too bad of a return. A little more patience and he’ll have a nice little monthly income.

Case Study #5 - Brad started back in May 2019 with only one membership. One of his members came back and purchased an additional 5 memberships, so he got 10 sales altogether. Over time, his 2nd tier kicked in and he earned some good commissions for 1st month sales. He’s now making about $901.90 a month. Not so bad for a $500 investment back in 2019.

I know you still don't believe me! So... here's some video proof.
If you don't believe this, there may be no hope for you! Somewhere along the line, you must start believing! That's one of the secrets to success -  believing it is possible...

We have many more "cases" similar to these!
Remember... nothing on this webpage is “made up” or untrue.

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Now there’s just one more thing for us to go over before we get to the nitty gritty details of The Perfect System. And, this may very well be the most important 5 minutes of your entire life. This concept really and truly has the power to...

Make you filthy stinkin’ rich! So pay very close attention...

Seriously! This simple concept can put some serious bucks into your checking account in a very easy way. I’ve already set up the perfect business for you. You barely have to lift a finger to participate. Just a few clicks of your mouse and you’re in for the long haul. But let’s talk about the most important thing...

Results. Results. Results.

As you already know, results will make or break any biz opp. If you get no results you make no money. If you make no money, you quit. Am I right? 

So, let me tell you an easy way to get eye popping results that will have your friends, family, and neighbors oozing with jealousy. Let me tell ya' – it's nice to walk into a room full of your friends or family when you are successful... there's a certain amount of respect in the air - you can almost reach out and grab a handful!

I’m about to tell you a very easy way to get the powerful results you deserve. Listen, I know you are as skeptical as a kid about to jump off the high diving board for the first time.

And you don’t even believe my real name is Bill (you can look it up online), but it really is as simple as trusting me, banding together, and just diving right in and joining right now! Because that's the right thing to do to ensure your future wealth.

You know, ol’ Bill just might have a point there! He ain’tmake money from home so dumb after all! It really can be as simple as that.

The power is in your hands!

Success can not be had without failure. So, congratulations are in order because I know you have been scammed and have failed. But I hate skepticism - especially when it comes to business opportunities. After all, it is inversely proportional to your wealth and mine. I understand that your skepticism is well earned. I also understand... in order to find the truth, one must first have doubt.    Bill Anderson

But are you a real skeptic or a fake skeptic?

What I mean by that is... Sure, there are a lot of scams out there, but there are also what I call "pseudo-scams". What are pseudo-scams? 

These are failures caused by participants that didn’t know what they were doing in the first place. i.e. the program wasn't a scam at all, but since you didn't have success with it, you called it a scam.

How many times have you sent out cheap photocopied flyers and ugly postcards to an untested list, got no response, and claimed it was a scam?

And you probably didn't even try to track results, did you? And did you even bother to capture prospect's names and follow up with them? If not, you are doing it all wrong.

The sad truth is, most of the time, the scammer is lookin' straight at you in the mirror!

That's precisely why I am going to do all your marketing for you. Because you don't have the resources and 30+ years of experience to do it correctly yourself. It's time to fall off the scam wagon and hop on the money train instead!

What I said above is VERY important, so I am going to summarize here...

  • 95% of the time, your failures are caused by yourself. You can even make money with scams if you know what you are doing. As a matter of fact, a lot of scams and pyramid schemes make the MOST money because these scammers are very good at what they do. So, you must disregard your skepticism and join NOW. The Perfect System was made for people who fail time after time after time.
  • False hope will get you nothing.
  • Get rich quick schemes do not exist.
  • Take a pill for your shiny object syndrome - The cure is joining The Perfect System and sticking with it.
  • Help increase response to The Perfect System by joining today! This advertising works for you. This advertising is your advertising. That truly is the secret to success - it's all about YOUR response rate.
  • Just JOIN today! Blast "our" response rate through the roof. Let's all work together to make money for everyone. That's what you want for yourself, right?!
  • If the reason you can't join is because you think you don't have the money, be sure to read the FAQs section below for a few ways to scrounge up the funds.
The Perfect System scam review

I could be sellin' silver dollars for 50¢ and...

make easy moneyIt's crazy, I know! But I could be sellin' silver dollars for 50¢ and I promise you most of the buyers would find some kind of lame excuse to pass on the deal. 

I actually tested this by sending a postcard out offering responders a $5 bill. It only increased response by 0.5%. Now, that's some serious skepticism!

You may not realize it, but The Perfect System is a deal almost as good as getting silver dollars for 50¢ each!

It's not about the cost — it's about results — after all wouldn't you spend $997 once if you knew it was going to make you $480 a month? You see... with RESULTS, all things are possible and the cost almost becomes irrelevant.

I didn’t stay in business for 30+ years by screwing people over. And I’m not about to start now!

Have faith in God, Jesus answered. Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.    Mark 11:22

In your back office, along with all the other business tips and business plans, is a very valuable collection of books which will explain to you the "secret" to accessing the riches that you deserve. There is an unlimited supply of riches, happiness, and health available to you if you only knew the secret to accessing it. If you were to forget about all the other benefits of The Perfect System, this information alone would be well worth the membership fee and then some!

Advertising vs Guaranteed Sales: As you know, if you do your own advertising, there is no guarantee of results. Often, there are no results or you lose money. Wouldn't it be better to just skip the hard advertising part and jump straight to the "sales" part? That's what The Perfect System does for you...

For those who wrongly think $997 is too much...

This is a very important point, so pay close attention because this is why a lot of you have failed over and over again...

You may be thinking... $997 is too much or I can join other programs for much less.

That may be true, but do the other programs do all your advertising for you? Absolutely not.

So, what happens is you join that other program on the cheap. Then you have to spend more of your own money to market it. To get 5 sales, I hate to tell you, you'll have to mail out over 5000 flyers because the response rate is so low these days that you'll be lucky to get 1 sale in 1000. That's 1/10th of 1% response. Not the typical lie of 1% that most programs claim. If 1% was a real figure, we would all get rich quick and easy. But it's a pie in the sky imaginary figure.

So... 5000 flyers will cost you about $4350. What's cheaper, $997 or $4350.

Here's the kicker... most people don't know this basic information, so they end up sending out 100-500 flyers and they expect to make sales! When the sales don't come in, they quit. They call the program a scam. And this right here is the very reason why most people fail at these things... because they don't know what they are doing in the first place! 

If you join The Perfect System, you won't have that problem!

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Here’s all those nitty gritty boring details I promised ya’...

the perfect system details
  • DFY - This means Done For You. I have found over the last 10 years that I can be successful in these things, but NONE of my people can experience similar results. That's because I have 30+ years of direct mail and online marketing experience and you don't.

    To solve this little problem, I am just going to do all your marketing for you (the right way) while you sit back, relax, and do what you are supposed to be doing — enjoying life and building security for your family. Imagine getting real results for a change — Is that OK with you? Some of my best years were spent living on my RV, selling eBooks on Clickbank, automatic payments and delivery, all I had to do was drive the traffic to my sales page. This benefit alone is worth over 50 grand!

    Again, note that with the new TPS100 membership, you will have to do your own sales work.
  • Cost - Let's get something straight right up front here... you can NEVER be successful in any business without marketing. And marketing costs money. You don't even have to be Daddy or Momma Morebucks either — about $2.37 a day for a year will do. That's less than the price of a McDonald's cheeseburger meal.

    If you are looking to make money without investing some marketing dollars, I have some bad news for you - you are definitely going to fail.

    Why? Because making money without some form of advertising is a pipe dream. It does not exist. Are there free forms of advertising out there? Yes, but they rarely work in today's overcrowded marketplaces. You have to use paid advertising to succeed. There's no way around it. And since we buy everything in bulk (like postage, printing, etc) your dollars will go a lot further if you let us buy your advertising for you.

    Another problem with looking for "something for nothing" is you will always fall for pie in the sky scams that promise you're going to make $3000 a week in one month's time and it will only cost you $20 bucks! That's how you get scammed over and over. But, remember what I said? - That is YOUR fault and it creates false skepticism which prevents you from joining a great program when it rolls along. To fix that, join now!
  • Pay Your Own Way - Often, you'll run across a program that promises no risk and no up front cost to you. These never work! I actually tried to start a similar program myself. The problem with this is too many people jump on board, the operator can not handle the workload and expense and it eventually fails. This is why it is imperative that you pay your own advertising costs. But this time, you'll actually get a great response/payback from your advertising instead of a big fat goose egg.
  • Results - This is the #1 reason why most programs fail - lack of time tested results. We've all done mailings or some other form of advertising and gotten no results. That's going to change because a 30+ year marketing expert is going to be handling all your advertising for you. You don't even have to worry about advertising and results anymore because you are skipping the advertising part altogether and getting sales. And did I mention? → it's all guaranteed...
  • Guaranteed Paid Signups - Woot! Woot! YES... you heard that right!!!! We're so sure this scientifically proven new system will be a success for you, we are putting our money where our mouth is. I'll stake my 30+ year good reputation on it. Get 5 paid membership sales with each membership you purchase. Nobody else on the planet will do this for you. Period. End of discussion. Slam dunk!
  • High Income Potential - Why would you start a business that does not give you the ability to make a lot of money? I don't know about you, but I love making lots of money! I like paying my bills with ease. I don't think twice about going out to eat. I never have to worry about money first before buying something I like or a special gift for a family member. This system does exactly that — provides a high income potential (see pay plan below).
  • Residual Income - Any good business opportunity worth it's salt has to have a way to make residual or recurring income. A membership site does just that. In The Perfect System, the product is a valuable membership to a site that contains 100's of money making plans (new plans and professional content added weekly).

    These membership sales will pay you a weekly commission on membership fees month after month after month. Why would you do something stupid like make a one time sale when you can make a sale one time and get paid forever?! After all, the advertising costs stay the same!

    This is one thing I wish I had done more of in my early years... I got smart with the BBQ book — I started a BBQ video instruction "membership" site which I sold to the BBQ book buyers as a back end product.  I'm still making money today from memberships I sold in 2010!
  • Front End Sales - The first month fee of $997 covers your advertising that we do for you. You get paid 5% commissions on two levels on this 1st month advertising fee. In the income examples below, you'll see these commissions really add up to substantial income as high as $1495.50 or more!
  • Back End Sales - Want fries with that? Smart business people know this... you absolutely must have some kind of upsell. Usually your front end product breaks even at best. Some are actually loss leaders. The big money is in the follow up sales. The Perfect System has back end sales in the form of recurring monthly membership payments which you get paid a 40% commission on.
  • Passive Income - Residual income is nice, but passive, residual income is even better! Passive income comes in whether you work hard or not. Passive income keeps coming in and working for you even when you're on vacation, playing golf, camping, or just sitting home watching TV.

    Affiliate marketing, which is what this is, can be a passive form of income. It's a little harder now, but for a 15 year stretch it was easy online. Just buy your PPC ads, send them to a sales page, make sales, and earn a commission. I did this for many years and I still do it today because it's so easy. For instance, every now and then I send out an email to my BBQ list selling them wagyu beef briskets from Snake River Farms which has an affiliate program on It's easy peasy money, so why not?
  • Freedom - The best thing about The Perfect System may not be the money after all. What good is money if you don't have time to enjoy it? The Perfect System gives you the freedom to live life on your terms. Do what you want, when you want, and where you want.

    Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and not working your ass off trying to make money. A lot of professionals make really good money, they provide for their famlies, but 30 years down the road, after working 6 days a week, they sadly realize that life has passed them by. Their wife left them, they have no relationship with their kids, and they basically missed out on all the more important things like birthday parties and soccer games. TIME is one thing you can never buy more of and once it is spent, you can never get it back.
  • Simplicity - We try to keep things "simple" here at Simple Cash Daily. We tried programs in the past with many different membership levels. That just confused people. When people get confused, they do not join. That's not good. I think this program is simple enough that everybody can understand it.

    And yes, you do have to have a credit card or PayPal account and a computer to participate. Offline programs that make you send in money orders or cash don't increase response rates at all. And... all the technical details are taken care of for you. There is no learning curve (unless you want to learn that is). You don't have to know how to set up a webpage, write sizzling sales pullin' copy, set up an autoresponder email series, design a postcard, buy a good mailing list, mail a postcard, deliver the product, accept monthly payments automatically, provide customer support, and much, much more!
  • No Failure - The reason why all the other programs you've tried in the past have failed is because they didn't have ALL of the elements listed above. And they didn't have a 30+ year marketing expert doing your advertising for you. So, if you are ready to start making money with little work on your part, click the button below and get started NOW!

Here's a chart comparing TPS with other programs...

The Perfect System icanget2
(MLM 2x14)
Cash Gifting
Residual Income? Yes Yes No
Pay per Sale $16 (or $49.85 1st month) Pennies $20
Tiers 2 - not MLM 14 5
Guaranteed Sales Yes No No
Advertising Paid For? Yes No No
Realistic? Yes - Guaranteed No - Hard to Do No
Free Time? Lots Constant Recruiting Always Mailing
Attrition Rate Very Low Very High Never Get Started
Monthly Cost $40 $29.95 $0
Marketing Done For You Do Your Own Do Your Own
Success? Guaranteed Success 1% Success Rate 1% Success Rate
Legal? Yes Maybe if there
is a good product

Here's a chart comparing the original membership with the new TPS100 membership...

Original TPS100
Residual Income? Yes Yes
Pay per Sale $16/mth (or $49.85 1st month) $40/mth
Tiers 2 - not MLM 2 - not MLM
Guaranteed Sales Yes No
Advertising Paid For? Yes Extra
Realistic? Yes - Guaranteed Yes
Free Time? Lots Got to make your sales
Attrition Rate Very Low Very Low
Monthly Cost $40 $100 plus your advertising
Marketing Done For You Do Your Own
Success? Guaranteed Success Depends on your marketing
Legal? Yes Yes

The TPS100 Rotator...

A big part of the TPS100 membership will be the TPS100 Rotator. A rotator is just a system to distribute traffic evenly between a set of affiliate links. The TPS100 membership sells well with solo ads. So... TPS100 members will be able to purchase traffic in the rotator. Clicks/visitors in the rotator are $1 apiece.

Optionally, you can get your own traffic on sites like Udimi or with other solo ad dealers.

Just to clarify...

  • You can join the original TPS membership and get 5 guaranteed sales.
  • You can join the new TPS100 membership and bring your own traffic & sales.
  • You can join one or the other or both.
  • You can buy as many original TPS memberships as you want because each membership comes with 5 sales.
  • You only need one TPS100 membership because you will be making all the sales yourself.
  • The rotator's purpose is to sell TPS100 memberships through your affiliate link. But obviously, a visitor can also purchase an original TPS membership (from this sales page). You'll get the credit & commissions no matter what they purchase.
  • Only TPS100 members are allowed to use the rotator.
  • Why have two membership options? Well, the new TPS100 membership pays more commissions and has a lower inital startup cost. And a lot of people like to do their own marketing.
  • Visit TPS100 info page.

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It's a darn shame you can't make money when these people who joined less than a year ago are profiting every month... James D. $529.25 a month, Rita W. $1002.25 a month, Robert A. $357.25 a month, William C. $315.40 a month, Olu O. $1294.80 a month, Frankie P. $698.50 a month, Brad D. $901.90 a month, Gabriela M. $608.65 a month, and Muhammad H. $2639.75 a month.

2020 Sales figures...
Total Sales: $1,059,093.99
Not too bad for a terrible year!

Here's a brief summary description of The Perfect System...

In a nutshell, this is a membership site. The product, which can be found in your back office, is 100's of unique business plan ideas and top notch marketing courses. Not to mention the priceless self-help books I told you about.

If you forgot all about the money making opportunity here and just used the self-help books, your membership fees would be well spent. This treasure trove of information is very valuable and can provide extra income or full time income in a side hustle. It can turn your life around in a heartbeat.

Do you have to use them to make money? No! You'll be using just one of them (The Perfect System) to make your money. But, you must have a real, tangible product to make everything legal.

You make money by offering memberships to others and getting paid a commission on the MONTHLY membership fees (actually we do this for you).

This is just a two tier commission structure so it is not considered a MLM program. Because of this and the fact that there is a real product, it can never be considered an illegal pyramid scheme. Two tier means that you are paid a commission on the sales you make and on all the sales your people make. Basically you are paid on two levels. Think of it as a two tier affiliate program rather than a MLM program.

Members will continue to pay their membership fees because if they cancel their membership, they will not receive their affiliate commissions anymore. i.e. attrition is very, very low.

Here's a brief description of the new TPS100 membership...

To be honest with you, this membership option was added because I was testing a 3rd party program called 98Unlimited. Well, let's just say they had many, many bugs in their system and it required you to open and get approved in one or two payment systems like Stripe in order to get paid. People can't or won't do that kind of stuff, so I just added a new, similar membership option here which is much easier and more reliable.

     Basically, TPS100 is just a 2nd membership option with a similar commission structure as the original. 40% for the first month and 40% for future months on two tiers.
     And, YES, a TPS100 sale will be counted as one of your 5 guaranteed sales if you are a regular/original TPS member.

Visit TPS100 info page.

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Commissions explanation for original TPS membership (pay plan)*...

Memberships are $997 for the first month and $40 per month thereafter. $897.30 goes toward your DFY marketing and you get paid a 5% commission on all sales you make on two levels ($997 x 5% = $49.85). 

In the second and all future months, you get paid 40% ($16) of the $40 monthly membership fee from your sales on two levels. A total of 80% of the $40 is paid out in commissions.

5 sales are guaranteed for everybody so your 2nd tier will have 25 people in it. Your first tier will have 5 people.

▶ I have never been in any program where I did not have to spend way over $997 for marketing. So, if the $997 is a sticking point, remember that you will have to spend that kind of money whether you join The Perfect System or some other program. The question is... do you want to see real results or do you want to throw your money away (again)? ◀

Here's that income example*...

Let's say you sell 5 $997 memberships and they all sell 5 also:

That would be 5 personal sales and 25 sales on your 2nd tier. That's 30 sales with a $16 commission each for a total of $480 commission every month.

First month sales commissions = $1495.50 (calculated like this... 30 sales at 5% commission on the first month fees: $997 x 5% = $49.85 x 30 = $1495.50). There will also be monthly commissions along the way (starting with the 2nd month after a sale is made).

Here's an example for TPS100*...

Let's say you make 10 sales and all your people make 10 sales too.
You would make $400 a month on tier 1 sales (10x$40).
And you would also make $4000 a month on tier 2 sales (100x$40).
Visit TPS100 info page.

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A picture is worth a 1000 words, so here is an infographic explaining The Perfect System in a nutshell...the perfect system infographic

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Proof... here's just a few REAL screenshots to show you this is not fake and many people are joining and making commissions
(Note - everything on this website is 100% true)...the perfect system proofthe perfect system proofthe perfect system proofthe perfect system proofthe perfect system proofthe perfect system proofthe perfect system scam

Want more proof? I've got 100's more screenshots to show you, but the fact of the matter is I just can't post them all here, now can I?

Testimonials from real members...

Note: All info on this sales page is 100% true including all testimonials.
the perfect system review

cate vissell"I  have known Bill for several years, and he is one of the few program creators that takes time to talk with his buyers. That speaks volumes to me   

This new program is really cool, imo. Membership sites are a wonderful way to earn consistent passive income--but getting members is not always easy! So to be guaranteed a certain number is a great help. The advertising fee might seem high to some--but it's not. I have spent way more with no results

I intend to re-invest all my earnings into new advertising with Bill to slowly but SURELY grow my monthly passive income--join the fun!"      Cate Vissell (Amazon book author and Good News Cafe blogger) 

Gary G.
7/23/2019 12:18:31 PM

Comment: The Perfect System is great and easy! What other program gives you guaranteed sign ups/sales and does all the marketing for you. I've been in other programs and they're not as good as the Perfect System. It's not even close. It’s truly Done For You.


the perfect system testimonial

I joined The Perfect System because, of course I want to make money, but mostly because I trust the company and believe they have true honesty and integrity. Its not full of a bunch of hype and false expectations. When I have a question about anything I get very quick, friendly responses from a real person. And probably the best part about The Perfect System is I haven't really had to do anything. They do all the heavy lifting for me. There is NO bugging family or friends! No webinars and no trying to learn a complicated system. With a little patience and letting the system work, I have gotten results. I am glad I invested!      Heather R.

the perfect system review

I'm blown away with the simplicity and ease of The Perfect System that will generate income on a regular monthly basis as everything is managed and taken care of by Bill, the creator of this one of a kind system. I joined this program after due diligence and have been receiving responses to my questions very promptly and to my satisfaction which speaks volumes about the integrity and credibility of this system. This is undoubtedly an opportunity to be a part of, if you want to earn income hands free and hasslefree on a consistent basis. Honesty and integrity come first IMO! What more can you ask for! I like it so much, I am purchasing 10 additional memberships for myself and my son is going to get four memberships.   Muhammad H. 

the perfect system testimonialthe perfect system reviewthe perfect system review

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Imagine what your friends and family and neighbors will think when you and your group have made just 10 sales and are raking in $1760* in commissions every month.

Their jaws will drop and you'll have a grin on your face from ear to ear when you pull into your driveway in that new luxury car you've always just dreamed about. Just think how much FUN you'll be having. And if they don't like it, just buy a new house and move to a better neighborhood. You can afford it!...

guaranteed sales

Best Guarantee in the Business!
Guaranteed Paid Signups!

For your first month $997 fee in original membership, we'll guarantee you 5 signups or we'll refund every penny of your $897.30 first month advertising fee minus commissions paid. Note: We can not guarantee a time frame for this due to crazy current affairs like covid-19, politics, elections, bad economy, supreme court, hurricanes, fires, demonstrations, riots, holidays, etc. These circumstances will produce occasional delays. Best promise I can make is that your sales will come ASAP.

You can look for weeks on end and you'll never find anybody else that guarantees you PAID signups! That's how confident I am that you will see the results you have been longing for.

So, when it all boils down, you are guaranteed 5 people on your first tier. Those 5 are also guaranteed 5 making 25 people on your second tier. That's 30 people altogether paying you an $16 commission each. From there on out, you'll get $480 per month.

Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that $480 per month is much more than a one time $997 advertising fee! And if you want to make more - just buy more memberships!

Your Skepticism is FALSE...

Remember... that your skepticism is caused by your continued failures over and over again (for most people anyway). Your failures aren't really your fault - after all, you don't have 30+ years experience in marketing, do you?

Are you an expert copywriter? Can you create great web pages like this one? Can you write 60+ autoresponder emails and a squeeze page that captures email addresses? Can you set up membership software and payment systems? What about hosting? Do you know php from html? What about cpanel? These are just some of the things you need to succeed today. Let us do it correctly for you because we know you can't do it yourself.  That is the reason you fail over and over. Stop failing and JOIN Now!

So, there are two roads ahead of you right now...

You can ignore the false skepticism in your head and choose wealth and prosperity for yourself and your family, or you can stay in your current situation... start your own businessprobably on a fixed income just hoping for the best.

Will you be one of the 10+ out of 1000 who will change their financial future for the better? I am hoping that you can now see The Perfect System for what it truly is... A Perfect System with all it's profitable parts — DFY professional marketing, residual income, high income potential, back ends sales, passive income, freedom, simplicity, and best of all — guaranteed sales.

I can assure you, $997 for the advertising part of this special deal barely covers the cost to get 5 guaranteed signups. The real advertising cost is closer to $2000 than $997. Needless to say, the first month's advertising fee will almost certainly go up at the end of the month (and more than likely, it could go up as soon as tomorrow).

Even at $2000, The Perfect System is a fantastic steal of a deal. But make no mistake about it, these special introductory prices will not last long, so get in NOW and save yourself a bundle!

Save Money  Gain the Respect of Your Friends — Ignore Your Skepticism — Fix Your Financial Problems Forever...

Next price increase can happen any day now, but a price increase is almost certain when the timer expires... 
We DID increase the price on Sept 1, 2019 & on July 1, 2020, and again on Oct 15, 2020 - so it can and does happen!
join simple cash daily

Because your future prosperity depends on it!      

we accept paypal

we accept all credit cards


Bill Anderson

P.S. Chances are, you're broke, jaded, and not making the kind of money you would like to. This is your chance to do something about that. If you don't take action now to fix your money problems, what will happen in the near future? Will you lose your house? Will they cut off your electricity? Will your car get repossessed? Will you get hounded by bill collectors? Will you have to file for bankruptcy? Do something now that will fix your financial problems forever → click here!

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Q: Where can I find my card code or CVV code?The Perfect System pay with credit card
A: This is called the card verification value. With Visa or MC, it's a three digit code on the back of your card. With American Express, it's a 4 digit code on the front.

Q: How will I do my own advertising to get more people to join so I now make more money?
A: The best thing to do is just to buy another original membership and get 5 more guaranteed signups. You will get your own affiliate link if you want to do your own advertising, but you won't find a better or cheaper deal anywhere than the 5 guaranteed signups for $2000 $997. Clearly, you will agree to this, right? And the whole point to The Perfect System is we will do all your advertising for you because we are better at it than you are. If you want to do your own advertising, just buy a TPS100 membership.

Q: People keep asking me - can I do my own advertising?
A: Even though I have already answerd this question above, it seems everybody is NOT getting the whole point behind The Perfect System... I've seen this happen 1000 times — doing your own advertising is a very bad idea. No online advertising works these days. Period. So, you are left with direct mail. And trust me on this, direct mail is not making cheap photocopies, slapping the letters in a bad envelope, and mailing to any old cheap list you can buy. Doing that does not make you a direct mail expert. It only gets you zero results. Yet I get this crap every day in my mailbox (free scrap paper). If you want more sales, buy another original membership and get 5 guaranteed sales. Just in case you still don't understand — your advertising = zero sales and a whole lot of wasted money. My advertising gets you 5 guaranteed sales. This is a no-brainer! If you want to do your own advertising, just buy a TPS100 membership. Visit TPS100 info page.

Q: Are you sure this is not a scam?
A: Yes I'm sure! Remember... you reap what you sow! If you are always thinking and worrying about negative things, that's exactly what you will get back. Start thinking about positive things and the abundant riches in all forms will be attracted to you like a magnet.

Q: Is this a MLM or Network Marketing?
A: NO... it is just a two tier membership site with an affiliate program.

Q: Is this illegal or some kind of pyramid scheme?
A: NO... affiliate programs like Amazon and Clickbank are not illegal, right? Membership programs are not illegal, right? If they are, somebody better call the police on Amazon Prime, Verizon, Netflix, and Dollar Shave Club because they are all monthly membership programs. There is no "pyramid", so it can't be considered a ponzi or pyramid scheme. Paying affiliate commissions on just two tiers is not considered any kind of "matrix".

Q: Is this a "get rich quick" program?
A: Jeeeez Louise! You're a skeptical one, aren't you? I understand though - you sort of got to be in today's environment! The answer is NO - this is more of a get rich slower program. If you want to make more money, then just buy more memberships to start with. Sometimes you get lucky like the lady who had a guy come in with 10 memberships on her 1st tier and his son bought another 5 on her 2nd tier. She had only been in the program one month. That's what I call a "lucky lady"! Actually, luck had nothing to do with it because luck is just preparation meeting opportunity. She was just smart enough and prepared enough that when she read this opportunity, she took action and joined.

Q: What credit cards do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards through PayPal payment systems or as a straight credit card purchase outside of PayPal. PayPal is the oldest and most secure payment system in existance - especially for online payments. And for credit cards sets the standard for security. You do want your transaction to be 100% secure, don't you?

Q: I tried to pay with PayPal and it didn't work?
A: PayPal requires that if you are purchasing a subscription, then you must have a linked checking "OR" a linked credit card. If you don't have one or the other, then the transaction will not be approved. So go to your PayPal account, click on the face icon in the upper right, then choose Account Settings, and then on the left choose Money, Banks, and Cards. That's where you must link your checking account and/or credit card. This will also verify your account.

Q: I tried to pay with credit card and it didn't work?
A: Then it probably has something to do with the card like it is expired, or not enough available funds, or it was reported stolen, etc. Please call your bank to determine what the problem is.

Q: How do you pay commissions?
A: We pay commissions every Friday through PayPal or Venmo. Again, simple and secure payments straight into your PayPal or Venmo account - that's what you want. Then you can pay for stuff online using your PayPal or Venmo balance, transfer it to your checking or savings account, or use a PayPal debit card to buy stuff online, or in a store, or use an ATM machine.

Q: Do you report sales to the IRS or send a 1099?
A: We are not sending 1099s yet, and PayPal probably will not either. From the PayPal website... PayPal will track the payment volume of your account(s) to check whether your payment volume exceeds both of these levels in a calendar year: $20,000 USD in gross payment volume from sales of goods or services in a single calendar year AND 200 payments for goods or services in the same year.

Q: Can I pass this business on as an inheritance to someone?
A: The answer is YES. It's as easy as changing the PayPal commission payout email address in your back office and then giving them access to your back office by giving them your username & password.

Q: If you get hit by a truck and die, what happens?
A: Don't laugh - I get asked this question every day. The answer is I have helpers that can take over if I kick the bucket.

Q: My PayPal account is limited, what can I do?
A: I suggest you call them and ask why it was limited in the first place. Their number is 1-888-221-1161. Most often they just need to verify your identity for security purposes. That's a good thing - after all, you don't want someone else trying to open a PayPal account under your name, do you? Just verify your account by linking your checking to your PayPal. If your account was limited due to some kind of activity on your part that violated their Term of Use, then you will just have to discuss that with PayPal. Remember - you can also get paid via Venmo.

Q: Is it 40% commission or 80%?
A: We pay commissions on two levels... 40% on your first level and 40% on your second level for a total of 80% paid out. For example... let's say you sell a membership. In their 2nd month, they pay a $40 monthly membership fee. You will get 40% of that $40 or a $16 commission. Your sponsor will also get 40%. So $32 total has been paid in commissions. And don't forget the first month commissions of 5% on two levels!

Q: I don't like PayPal, is there another option?
A: For membership fees, you have the option of just paying with a credit card. For receiving your commissions, the only options are Paypal or Venmo. You should love PayPal and here's why... they are the oldest, biggest, and safest payment processor on the planet. As far as I know, they have never had a data breach like most of the others have. If YOU would just keep your password safe and private, you'll have no problems. Opening a PayPal account is easy. If you already have a PayPal account, you're good to go! If you don't like keeping your commissions in PayPal, just transfer the balance from PayPal to your linked checking account.

Q: I don't live in the United States, can I still do this?
A: Yes... the only requirement to participate is you need to be able to open a PayPal account or already have one. And since we do all your marketing for you, you don't have to worry about doing mailings in the USA. So, The Perfect System is great for foreigners!

Q: I'm broke - is there any way I can join now?
A: If we allowed people to join without paying, then we would go bankrupt very quickly because we would then have to spend at least $997 advertising your business for you. That initial $997 is for advertising. If you don't do any advertising, you will never make any money in ANY business. Save your money up or get a new credit card and come back later and join so you won't be broke anymore! is a great place to get a new credit card (good credit or bad credit - they have cards for everybody). Click Here. Another good option is to apply for PayPal credit - Click Here. 

Q: I can't get a credit card or PayPal credit, what else can I do?
A: The best answer I have for that is to start selling stuff or buying and selling stuff. Buy something for $50 and sell it for $100. Then buy something worth $100 and sell it for $200. Next thing you know, you'll be flipping cars and houses. You could literally have a garage sale to raise the initial capital for this project. 

If you say you can't do it, I beg to differ... there was a show on the Discovery channel called Undercover Billionaire. Look it up and watch the episodes using on demand. Or you can watch the episodes online HERE. The challenge was for Glen Stearns to build a million dollar business in 90 days. He was only given $100, a truck, and a smartphone. He started out small by selling some tires he found next to a dumpster. Then he flipped some cars. Then he flipped a house. All along he was building his team and planning his million dollar business. He did this all while battling cancer too. You can do it too!

Q: I just don't want to spend $997?
A: Then you probably need to review what you are getting and maybe even do some research on what these things would cost you if you were to go out and buy it. For instance, take copywriting a high converting sales letter - that could cost you up to $50,000 to hire the best. And it would take another $50,000 to do the proper testing to see which sales letter pulls the best. And advertising is expensive these day. And there's sooooo much more! $997 is peanuts for what you are getting! Another option is to buy a TPS100 membership instead.

Q: What kind of success have you had so far - what is your conversion ratio?
A: The tests over the summer months were VERY encouraging! On most of our test mailings we got over 1.5% sales conversion ratio. That's HUGE! And that was during the summer doldrums. I can't wait to see the results after Labor Day when response is usually much higher. If this keeps up, we'll be able to mail year round full blast (dodging the holidays of course).

Q: How can one make money by doing nothing?
A: Well, you may be doing nothing, but I can assure you we are working hard on your behalf. Isn't it better to pay an expert to do something you can't do very well? You wouldn't try to rebuild your transmission, would you? Well, direct marketing can be harder than rebuilding a transmission when it is done correctly! So you go enjoy life and let us take care of the hard stuff. It's like hiring your own advertising agency.

Q: Where do I find my affiliate link?
A: Log into your account at and it will be in your back office under affiliate info.

Q: I want to buy more than one membership. Should I buy one and then buy the rest through my first affiliate link?
A: This is a very complicated question to answer, but fortunately for you I have done the math... it's better to just buy all your memberships at the same time from one account - you'll make more money that way. Just change the quantity field on the order form to match the number of memberships you want to buy.

Q: If I purchase more than one membership, will I have to pay $40 a month for each membership?
A: The answer is yes. If you buy 5 memberships, you will pay $200 a month. That's where the bulk of the commissions come from. You do want your members to pay their monthly fees, right? Otherwise, you would make no commissions.

Q: If I sell a membership myself through my affiliate link, does it count toward my 5 guaranteed sales?
A: The answer is no - personal sales will not count toward your 5 guaranteed sales.

Q: If one of my members comes back and buys additional memberships, will I get the credit?
A: The answer is yes - if one of your members comes back and buys more memberships, you will get the credit (if you still don't have your 5 guaranteed sales these will go toward your guaranteed sales unless you already have your 5 guaranteed sales in which case you'll just get extra sales). Again, all personal sales (up front or later) will not go toward the guaranteed sales.

Q: Am I guaranteed 5 people or 30 people?
A: You are only guaranteed 5 people. Now, those 5 people will get the same deal, so they are also guaranteed 5 people. Eventually, you'll get at least 30 people in your two tier group.

Q: Why don’t you just sell all this yourself and keep all the money?
A: Well, I have thought about doing that. But this is a “business opportunity” and you can’t have a biz opp without other people, now can you? Also... I am so sick and tired of all the scams out there, I wanted to put together a real, honest program for a change and help out the millions of people who have been scammed – sometimes many times over.

Q: I'm too old for this?
A: Not a problem because we do all the work for you.

Q: I don't have enough time?
A: That’s not a problem either because The Perfect System is designed to free up your time to enjoy life instead of trading your time for dollars.

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If you have any additional questions, we are eager to help! Just use the contact form below...

If you have a question, just go ahead and ask it below. Don't send us your phone# and ask us to call you. We will not do it. This is a serious mail order business and not a phone tag game. Please see Note #2 below...

Contact us

Note #1... We read and reply to every email. If it seems like you are not receiving a reply chances are we did not receive your email or you did not receive our reply. Email these days can be unreliable at times. First check your spam folder. Another option is to use the support ticket system in your back office.

Note #2... we check our email often so the best way to get in touch with us and ask questions is via email. We don't like to use phones much because if we published a phone # here it would ring off the hook 24 hours a day. There's too much incoming sales calls too and playing of "phone tag", so we just can't put up a phone #.  

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Some of the products I have developed and sold over the years...

Welding Secrets – – Believe it or not, this was my most profitable products. I didn’t even write the book - I just bought the books from the author for about $10 and resold them for $29.95 a pop. This was before the internet became so popular, so it was direct mail only. Why was it so popular? Because I was able to recognize a huge, easily accessible, untapped market and take advantage of it. There were two huge periodicals (Welding Design and Fabrication and Fabrication Digest) that I rented lists from. And there were millions of farmers who all did welding. Then Amazon came along and pretty much killed this business.

Electricity - Make it, Don’t Buy – This book was written by me before the internet got off the ground. I actually had an offline affiliate program with this book where home business operators could sell it. I coded their order forms with an affiliate code and sent out commission checks manually. Then the Clickbank online affiliate system was opened and I was one of the first products on Clickbank. Made a pretty good livin’ with this one for 5-10 years.

Mail Order Details and Facts - This is a book I sold for at least 5 years and made some chump change with it. I had an offline affiliate program with this one too. I also sold someone else’s book around that time called Finally, How to Beat The Odds in Network Marketing. These were mainly sold offline, so I don’t have a webpage for them. But... they are available for download in your back office after you join The Perfect System.

The $68 an Hour 6/8 Craps – I love to play craps when I go to a casino, so I wrote a book about it. At first I made pretty good money with it but Google and Clickbank decided they didn’t like casino products anymore so it got harder and harder to advertise it.

Competition BBQ – I started helping my brother-in-law at BBQ competitions. As the old story goes, I basically saw a need and filled it. There were only a handful of good BBQ books in those days (around 2006). None of the BBQ books were competition quality, so I write one. I made a ton of money off this one for 10+ years. This was in the early days of the internet when things were a lot easier. Now, there are 1000's of good BBQ books to choose from and literally millions of pages of online BBQ info (most of it is garbage though). But the readers don’t know that and that’s a problem not only for them but for my sales too.

Barbecue – This is a whole series of videos on how to win BBQ competitions. This was developed as a back end product to sell to my Competition BBQ Secrets customers. I already had the list, so it was an easy “upsell”. This was also a membership site, so there was recurring income. This site also had a built in affiliate program. Does any of this sound familiar? This is when I first started to realize the ease and profits in back end sales, membership sites, recurring income, and affiliate marketing.

PaleoQue – I wanted to capitalize on the Paleo diet craze and my BBQ expertise with this one. I had already noticed the huge success PaleoHacks was having on Clickbank. I figured some of those Clickbank affiliates or vendors would want a good back end product to sell to their existing customers. I think I just got in on the trend too late with this one because everyone seems to have moved on to the keto diet and left Paleo in the dust. Oh well, you can’t win them all! That’s how business works.

Affiliate Marketing – All along the way, I would also make extra money by selling my existing customers other related products. Usually I was able to find related products on Clickbank. For instance, there are several other products on how to generate your own electricity and one company has 40+ alternative energy type products. For the BBQ crowd, there were other cookbooks and products on vending. On ShareaSale, I was able to sell top quality meats from Snake River Farms and earn an affiliate commission. Sometimes I would just buy inventory like Maverick thermometers and sell & ship the physical product. Of course Amazon products can be sold as an affiliate, but their affiliate commissions are very low. But a small commission is better than no commission and it all adds up!

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