Simple Cash Daily

There’s some major changes going on at Simple Cash Daily this weekend and into next week...

Prior to Sept 22, 2017, we were selling a business opportunity into an extremely jaded and skeptical market. While more successful than most programs, we finally decided that this was a fruitless exercise. The entire market of opportunity seekers is just too jaded. You may already know this from real life experience.

So, we are going to transform Simple Cash Daily into a site that will help home based entrepreneurs like you to succeed with whatever program you may be in.

Even though the original Simple Cash Daily failed, it still did a much better job at selling memberships than almost all other programs out there. We were at 1% conversion rate when all others were close to 0%. But it was still unprofitable.

In the two years of the Simple Cash Daily original program and with Bill Anderson’s 30 years of experience in mail order and online sales, we know a thing or two that will be a benefit to your success. Things like...

  • Where to buy the best mailing lists. We’ll test them for you and rate them.
  • In a program that is not working? Ask us why!
  • Avoid scams altogether! Consult with us before you join a program.
  • What online advertising methods work best.
  • How to make your advertising pay for itself (SLO - self liquidating offer).
  • You got to have a back end offer or you will fail. How to do that right.
  • Web page and squeeze page design and setup services.
  • Need a great sales letter? We can do that too.
  • Need a postcard design? Done.

So... while we setup this new service, just be patient.

Check back in a week or two and we should be up and running.

There may also be a dealership program (affiliate program) too so you can sell memberships and make money. 

But the big difference is you will be selling tools & consulting to entrepreneurs (easy) and not just another biz opp to a jaded market (very hard).

Save the postcard and check back soon!


Bill Anderson