You are just 2 people away from $36,351 a month! 

Success so far - Started October 1, 2017 - # Matrix Levels Filled...


Watch this short 4 minute video about response rates first...

I’m going to make this sooooo easy for you, it will be easier than stealing ice cream from a baby...

Make no mistake about it... recruiting for any MLM program is hard. simple cash dailyI know - I have tried it with several programs. Heck, I even started my own MLM program many years ago.

The biggest problem with most programs is this...

You have to be a born salesman. And most folks pretty much hate selling. I used to break out in cold sweats when my upline told me to “show the plan” to one of my friends or family members. I still feel funny seeing those guys today - 20 years later. There are other problems too like overpriced products and complicated and skimpy pay plans just to name a couple. 

So, what I am going to do for you today is use my 30 years of marketing experience to help you to finally become successful in MLM. And not just any MLM either - I’ll be helping you build a 2x14 matrix in the icanget2 network run by Mike Glaspie...

The #1 most successful networker of all time!

And, why wouldn’t you go with an experienced networker like MikeG? After all - he has 30 years of experience under his belt. Some of his programs like are still up and running today - 20 years later. The last thing you want to do is join a program with no track record just to have it go belly up after a year or two.

What’s their product you ask?... it’s a cool smartphone app that is in high demand because everything is going mobile these days and businesses need this app. But don’t worry if you are not a “techy” person or you are still using one of those old flip phones. You can run the whole business right from your desktop. You don't even have to use the app yourself or explain to anybody how to use it. 

I’m an expert at digital products. I have two successful eBooks on Clickbank. I can tell you from experience that a digitally delivered product is the way to go. Why? Because they cost almost nothing to reproduce and deliver. The retail price can be kept down while at the same time commissions can be kept high. That means...

More buckaroos in your pocket for a change! It's about time!

You see, those lotions, potions, and pills most other programs sell cost a lot to manufacture. There has to be a good bit of profit so they can pay commissions, so what do they do? They simply raise the price until there is enough profit that they can use to pay commissions. The result is usually a product that costs twice as much as what you could buy it for down at Wally World or on Amazon. The monthly cost to join icanget2 is only $14.95. The most important thing is...

The DOUBLE D's... (no - I’m not talking about Dolly) 

I’m talkin’ about Duplication and Doubling

Let's just say you sponsored one person a month and showed that person how to sponsor one person a month also (actually we take care of that for you - keep reading). Your group will double in size every month! Two, four, eight, sixteen, 32, 64, 128, 256. After twelve months of doubling, you'll have...

4096 people in your group! Yaaa Hoooo! 

With 4096 people in your group, and doubling every month, you'll be making some serious buckaroos baby! I don't care what program you're in, with those numbers, you can even make money in Amway!

Pssssssstttt... come a little closer and I'll tell you a little industry secret - Here it is - In the initial stages of MLM, you don't have a whole lot of people in your downline, so you don't make a whole lot of money. But after 6 months or so, it kicks in like a snowball rolling down a hill and you can't stop it. But most people don't know this and they quit after just a couple of months. It don't work that way. There are no get rich quick schemes in life. If there were, everyone would just quit their jobs and make easy money. Making money takes time and an investment.

Check out the icanget2 pay plan and you'll understand how it works...


Positions per level

Commission per sale

Total payout per level

1 2
$0.25 $ 0.50
2 4 $0.25 $ 1.00
3 8 $0.25 $ 2.00
4 16 $0.25 $ 4.00
5 32 $0.25 $ 8.00
6 64 $0.25 $ 16.00
7 128 $0.25 $ 32.00
8 256 $0.25 $ 64.00
9 512 $0.25 $ 128.00
10 1024 $0.25 $ 256.00
11 2048 $0.50 $ 1,024.00
12 4096 $0.50 $ 2,048.00
13 8192 $1.00 $ 8,192.00
14 16384 $1.50 $ 24,576.00


$ 6.00

$ 36,351.50

And here’s where Simple Cash Daily comes into play...

Simple Cash Daily is that duplicating and doubling system. We recruit people for you while you are on vacation, sippin’ mint juleps on the beach, or playing golf. How do we do that for you?...

With the mother of all co-op advertising programs!

All we do is slap your referral link into our rotator and then we drive traffic to that rotator. A rotator is just an online system that distributes the visitors evenly to all participants. The traffic comes from your referral link in the rotator to this sales page that converts them into sales so fast it will make your head spin.

Then the duplication and doubling kicks in...

You see... all you and your downline need to do is get two recruits. At that point, you can continue with Simple Cash Daily or cancel your subscription anytime you want. There are benefits to continuing past two... your downline will grow much faster so you will start making money much quicker and you also get an extra $3 per month for each personal recruit. That can add up quickly.

Why you need to spend some money...

I get this a lot... someone comes to this sales page, but they don't want to spend the money to join because they can't afford it or they are looking for a FREE money making program.

Well, I'm here to straighten that out for you. Free money making programs do not exist! If everything were free, how do you expect anybody to make money? At some point in time, somebody is going to have to spend some money for another person to make some money, right? In all my 30 years of looking at business opportunities, I have never run across one that does not cost something. And usually there is a fee to join or buy a product and there are separate advertising expenses to promote it. There is no way around this - you got to spend money to make money. Period.

The trick is...simple cash daily traffic stream find a high income potential business (like network marketing) that you don't have to spend a lot of money to join. So, traditional front end loading MLM programs are out of the question. The other trick is to make your advertising dollars pay off quickly - and this is accomplished by jumping straight into our co-op program immediately after you join. The traffic stream is already there - you just have to jump in and get your feet wet!

So, I’m convinced Bill! What do I do next?

Now, I’m sure you understand that you have to advertise to get people to join icanget2. And advertising is not cheap. If you are a social media star and can get 1000's of visitors to your referral link for free, that’s great! But 99.9% of most people, including myself, can’t do that. So we have to pay for traffic. We utilize postcards, Facebook ads, online banner ads, and magazine ads to generate traffic.

Did you know? If you had to mail out 1000 postcards yourself, it would take a lot of work and cost you about $450? And since you don't have the list buying experience I do, you'll probably have to re-mail once or twice due to low response.

Our conversion ratio is about 1%, so it takes about 200 visitors to make two sales. At about $1 per visitor, that’s $200 a month to join Simple Cash Daily. Like I said before, you can cancel at any time you want in your Simple Cash Daily back office.

And always remember this... that $200 a month may sound high, but it is all spent on advertising to drive traffic to your referral link. And you can cancel the $200 a month monthly subscription any time you want in your back office.

Here’s what you do to get started...

First join icanget2 using the first green button below. Then come back to this page and be sure to join Simple Cash Daily so you get placed in the co-op rotator. You can read more about me below if you want. Or skip that stuff and scroll down to the green buttons!

That’s it! ==> “Simple”, right?

The bottom line big question is... Would you spend $214.95 a month now to make up to $3583.50 a month after month 12? And up to a whopping $36,351 per month after 14 months? That’s actually a pretty stupid question! Of course you would!!!!...

Read on to learn how I have made money in Mail Order not once, not twice, but many times over the last 30 years. And NOW, you can make money online (and offline) too... 

From: Bill Anderson, President Network 6000

I remember vividly the day Hal Wilson called me on the phone. A great man, an expert welder, and innovative inventor (he invented the flying roller coaster). Back in those days, I was renting a house in Woodstock, GA and I was working out of the basement office. It was a cold and damp room with a single fluorescent light in my office and a single bulb fixture in the other room with a simple pull string. I had recently quit my job as a computer programmer for the Fulton County government. 

I was going to get rich...

...selling a mail list management software package I wrote called Flowmail 6000. It was my first project, I had no experience with marketing, so it was not selling too well. I had borrowed a lot of money from my Dad and I really wanted to pay him back so I didn't look so much like a failure to him. I had to supplement my income by doing tape to disk conversions of mailing lists and other list processing jobs for big mail houses, printers, and smaller letter shops.

Good thing Hal called when he did because I was having a hard time paying the bills. He wanted me to help him sell his book - Welding Secrets. I knew a little bit about direct mail marketing, so I agreed to look into it. To make a long story short, I found a huge untapped market of welders out there. I could buy lists of welders, fabrication shops, and farmers. Little did I know - what a goldmine I had stumbled upon...

The money pours in...

I purchased some lists and did a test mailing or two. Can you imagine the excitement I felt when I opened my mailbox one afternoonsimple cash daily founder and found a 6 inch high stack of envelopes all filled with $29.95 checks? I was actually laughing out loud as I opened envelope after envelope and pulled out the checks and order forms. Over the next two years I made enough money selling Welding Secrets to buy this 38' Motoryacht...

From that point on, I was hooked!

But all that glitters is not gold... That yacht had a 300 gallon gas tank and the price of gas back then was fast approaching $4.00 a gallon! As Scooby would say... rut row! I had already mailed to all the welders, fabrication shops, and farmers so sales were dwindling faster than I could fill up my gas tank.

So... I figured if I could make that kind of money with one book, I’ll just write my own book. Then I wouldn’t have to split the profits with anyone. I went on to write Electricity - Make it, Don’t Buy It and then Competition BBQ Secrets. Those two books got me through till about 2013 when sales started to dwindle again. But a 23 year run on just two books is not bad at all.

Want to know a little secret?...

... all this time, I sold 100's of thousands of books. But I never averaged over 1% response to my mailings. And I still made a ton of money. Little did I know that I was doing it the hard way...

This is when I started to figure out the importance of a "back end product". I was making money, but I was unknowingly leaving a ton of money on the table too. So, I created a related BBQ product - online competition quality BBQ video classes at That kept the bills paid for another two years or so.

Important Note - icanget2 has an automatic built in back end product because everybody pays $14.95 monthly membership fees which you get paid a commission on for life. That's the best kind of back end product imaginable!

I had always had a great interest in biz opp type programs...

...but I could never get one to work well. I tried MLM, mail order pyramid schemes, and things like that. Most of the biz opps I looked at were flawed in some way or just outright scams.

It got worse as time went on. Today, it seems like everything is a scam, so I just ignore most offers. Occasionally one will catch my eye, I give it a try, only to find out it does not work as claimed and it was a scam after all.

So, I decided I would start my own business and show people how to make money "honestly" online (and offline) for a change. That’s when Simple Cash Daily was born!

simple cash daily founder's RVAlong the way on my 30 year mail order journey, I was able to buy really nice stuff like the yacht, a nice Motorhome, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a BBQ trailer complete with two top of the line pellet smokers, luxury vacations, and a house. Heck, I actually lived on my RV and basically took a 10 year vacation while I ran my business from the RV.

But what I really want now is to expose all the scammers for what they are and to offer a real opportunity to all those millions of people who are out there struggling to find something that just works for a change.

Over the years, I literally have seen 1000's of biz opps come and go. Some people come out with a new one every week because that is the shelf life of biz opps these days. They develop the scam, they make a quick hyped up sales page or video promising you the sky, they get their scumbag JV partners to promote it, after a week it is dead, and they move on leaving a lot of victims like you in their dust.

What all of them lack are things like:

  • Residual commissions (built in back end sales) so you make money month after month for the same effort as making a single sale.
  • Longevity so you don’t have to constantly be rebuilding your business.
  • DFY (done for you) options so you don’t need any technical skills to build websites or marketing experience to send out postcards correctly - just plug and play.
  • Fair and easy to understand commission structure with high potential to make lots of money.
  • Honesty, integrity, and good communication.  I will always be honest with you and have your best interest at heart. I will constantly keep you informed and am always available to answer any questions you may have.

Another reason I started SCD is to provide for this little change in my life called a family. I have an 8 year old daughter now. I have to provide for her current and future needs!

So, I start SCD and begin a marketing campaign and I run into a giant roadblock... I found thatsimple cash daily info the opportunity seeker market has been scammed so many times by so many hyped up offers that everyone is extremely skeptical, jaded, and down right terrified about joining any new business no matter how honest and workable it may seem.

And that's the correct decision to make. I don't blame you one bit. As a matter of fact, I'm just like you - been scammed one too many times, so I just ignore 99% of the offers that cross my desk these days. But I know it can be done by you! - Why? Because all you need is 2. And, I got my 2 in about 12 hours, so now I'm going to help you get your 2.

This email I received sums it up nicely...

I'm not even telling my husband about this because I have tried so many things, most of which you speak of on the website, that never worked and I do not want to see the look he will give me.  The look that says, "here you go again". 

To be honest with you, I should have just quit building SCD a long time ago. The skepticism seems like a impenetrable wall sometimes. But I knew I couldn’t do that because I had a lot of members counting on me. Quitting was not an option.

I also knew the secret to success is failure. Making mistakes, fixing them, and never quitting. So I tweaked and tweaked and made small and big changes and kept moving on. 

Today, I have my 2 and then some, my downline is growing every day...

...and my family’s future is secure. I can pay all my bills every month easily without having to worry about money problems. My Dad knows that I am successful. In the near future, I hope to buy some new “toys” right after I help more people like you to financial freedom!


Bill Anderson

P.S. I hope you are smart enough to tell the difference between a scam and an honest program. Please don't let your skepticism keep you from joining Simple Cash Daily and icanget2. From what I can tell, honest programs like Simple Cash Daily and icanget2 are few and far between. So please consider making money with us today!

P.P.S. If you run across sales material that promises quick riches with little or no investment and a lot of overhype wording, run like hell - you are about to be scammed. If you don't understand that, then read some of the material on the extra info links at the bottom of this page. Or feel free to contact me to ask questions.

P.P.P.S. If you haven't noticed already this is a good old fashioned long form sales letter. It's called direct response for a reason - you read it, make a decision, and then make a purchase now. We don't require you to give us your email address so we can build a "relationship" with you and use the soft sell approach over a year's time. We want people who can act now and you do too. After all, you don't want to wait a year for people to join your downline, do you? You'll find no underhanded tactics, shady salesmanship, or scammery here!


Q: I know what you are thinking... I’m never getting involved in another scam again, right?    

A: I’ll admit, I feel the same way and you are right to feel that way. In today’s market, that is the correct decision to make. I actually applaud your decision. I hate scammers just as much as you do. I really, really, really hate to be called a scammer too. That makes my blood boil to no end. To be honest with you, I just hope that you can cut through all the clutter, see that getting just 2 can make you rich, and let me help you to get 2 also. Simple Cash Daily and icanget2 are NOT scams!

Q: I'm a little confused - exactly how does this work?    

A: Simple Cash Daily is the co-op advertising site which helps you to get your 2 people in the icanget2 business. The icanget2 MLM is the money maker for you. You have to have a "duplicatable" recruiting system for these things to work properly. Otherwise you will have a dead downline.

Q: You’re probably thinking, Bill’s an expert mail order marketer, he can get those kind of results, but I can’t, right? 

A: I remember when I first started in mail order, Tom Mudry taught me to not reinvent the wheel. You should find someone else who is making money and then just copy what they are doing - just change it up a bit. That turned out to be great advice. Just copy what I am doing to get your 2 (join the co-op) - I have made it "Simple" for you!

Q: You may also be thinking that Bill’s a computer genius, I don’t have any technical skills, so I can’t do this.  

A: If you can check your email and log into the back office and place an order online, you can do this business. It's really that simple!

Q: I bet you’re thinking, I can’t afford this, right?   

A: Joe thought like that too until after his first few months. He recruited a good group of people into the icanget2 business, and it was clear this duplicatable system actually works. He stayed in the SCD co-op to build his downline faster and soon his monthly co-op fees were covered. Joe realized, the money spent was an investment in his future and not an expense after all.

Q: You might be thinking... I don’t have the time for all this, right?    

A: Let the co-op do all the work for you. You can literally make money with Simple Cash Daily and icanget2 while sitting on the beach!

simple cash daily faqs

Now that I have answered all your questions, let me ask you a question or two...

Are you excited about what you just read? Do you feel a little overwhelmed because we covered so much?

I have a special deal that I put together for you today. Is it OK with you if I take just a few more minutes to share it with you? OK, let's get started then...

Here's your 3 simple steps to get going Today...

Step 1: Join icanget2 first.

Now, before you rush off and get all confused and everything, remember that icanget2 is only as complicated as you make it. The main product is a smartphone app. You got to have a product to make things all legal and stuff. That's a good thing. But, always remember that if you are not a "techy" person, you don't even have to use the app. You can run the entire business from a desktop. Here's just some of the benefits of the icanget2 business that got me hooked...

  • It's owned and run by the most successful networker to ever walk the planet - Mike Glaspie. Nobody else even comes closeicanget2.
  • The company behind icanget2 is rock solid, so there is little chance of it disappearing on you.
  • It's a simple to understand 2x14 matrix with spillover and compression.
  • Earning potential is very high - $36,351 a month with a full matrix. And that does NOT even include the $3 extra per personal recruit that you earn every month.
  • The product (smartphone marketing app) is something very useful that everybody can use, but at the same time, they don't leave out the non-techy people. The whole business can be run from your desktop without using the app.
  • No lotions, potions, or pills! If you are sick and tired of pushing pills on your friends and family, then icanget2 is your solution. Ever wonder why those pills are so expensive? It's because they have to raise the price high enough so there is enough profit to pay you your measly commission. Then they make the compensation plan so complicated that you need an accountant to figure out that you're being ripped off.
  • That's the beauty of the smartphone app. It's almost like an eBook - there is very little cost to replicate and distribute it. That leaves more money for your commissions. They can keep your monthly costs down and at the same time pay higher commissions. Yiiipppeeeeee!
  • It's only $14.95 a month and they stop billing your credit card when your commissions get high enough.
  • Lessen the confusion - when you join icanget2, you will also be automatically entered into a free program called InvitationToJoin. To keep things simple, we are only worrying about icanget2 and Simple Cash Daily for now. So just ignore the other programs like ITJ and the ICANetwork.
  • Important! Make sure you come to this site using the exact link on the postcard or other advertising medium. Make sure you ONLY click on the green button below to go to the icanget2 signup page. This way, you will be placed in the proper SCD downline. Only icanget2 members in the SCD group are eligible to join SCD and get help with their recruiting. One way to double check is to make sure a person's name shows on the icanget2 icanget2screen in the upper left and not the corporate default "The ICANetwork". Contact Bill Anderson at his email at the bottom of this page if you have any questions...

Step 2: Join Simple Cash Daily.

Here's what you get when you join Simple Cash Daily...

  • A duplicatable recruiting system. Simple Cash Daily & icanget2Even a great program like icanget2 is useless without a duplicatable recruiting system that helps new distributors get their two people as quickly as possible.
  • Be sure to join icanget2 FIRST using the link in step 1 above.
  • Simple Cash Daily is a co-op advertising program and your referral link will be included in the rotator right after you join. Considering this, no refunds are available with this co-op advertising, but you can cancel at any time in your Simple Cash Daily back office.
  • Remember that the $200 a month is all spent on advertising to send traffic to your referral link.
  • If you think you can get 2 all by yourself, more power to ya! The big question is this... will the 2 you get be able to get 2? If you don't have a duplicatable system, then rush back here and sign up TODAY because that is the secret to success in MLM.
  • The Simple Cash Daily co-op marketing system is run by a 30 year marketing expert - Bill Anderson.
Click Here to Get Started with Simple Cash Daily Today!

Step 3: Follow the directions in your Simple Cash Daily back office. Be sure to read the "Getting Started" section. Your goal is to get your 2 people as quickly as possible so your organization grows fast and you start making money soon after joining.